The National Testing Agency set up by the govt. will convert it’s 2697 Test Practice Centers into regular teaching centers. These centers will provide free coaching from next year onwards.

From 2019 onwards, JEE and NEET aspirants can avail free coaching at teaching centers set up by the government. Apart from JEE and NEET, coaching for UGC-NET, Management and Pharma entrance exams will also be available.

The National Testing Agency set up by the govt. is set to convert it’s 2697 Test Practice Centers into regular teaching centers from next year. These Test Practice Centers will start conducting mock tests from 8th of September this year, to familiarize students with giving an online exam. NTA will launch the mobile application and website for the registration on 1st September . The mobile app will assist the candidate in identifying the center closest to his/her location. However, the free coaching is scheduled to begin from May next year.

“Government plans to convert these practice centers into teaching centers. They will not charge any fees and so will be especially helpful for talented students from sections where aspirations are high but private coaching is impossible due to financial constraints” a senior HRD official said.

How NTA aims to do it
  • Registration for the Practice Centers will begin on September 1st and continue till 31st  September  
  • For the time being, the practice centers will take mock tests for JEE Main only. As NEET is not a computer based test anymore, presently there will be no mock tests at the center for NEET.
  • After mock tests, candidates can analyze their results with NTA mentors, learn and rectify their mistakes at these centers. Aspirants will have to register through NTA’s mobile app or the official website.
  • The free coaching component will start from May next year.

Bottom line is, as commendable as the move may seem, there are doubts in students’ minds about the implementation and logistics. There are a limited number of coaching centers for a huge number of students.The mammoth task of managing the allocation of slots to each student, and effectively running these centers is something that NTA has to handle efficaciously.

Add to the confusion, information about the teachers/mentors at these centers is yet to be disclosed. Quality of teaching will be a major concern, if the govt. aims at discouraging students from joining coaching classes. The free coaching provided has to be at par with private coaching classes.

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