New Delhi: IIT Gandhinagar students are quite upbeat about its 35-day Foundation Programme. Besides the excitement of getting into one of the IITs and its distinguishable environment, they see the programme as an opportunity to re-discover themselves.

The Foundation Programme (FP) at IIT Gandhinagar covers a variety of activities aimed at helping students to ‘unlearn’ old ideas and views and think afresh. This year, lectures were organised from the fields of science, history, politics and social studies.

Many NGOs visited the campus to spread the awareness of the issues they are trying to resolve. They not only showed the real picture of the society to the students but also inspired them to ‘be the change’.

Besides lectures, the programme included a number of fun and interesting practical activities and experiences such as making pottery, visiting ancient sites related to Harappan civilization such as Lothal and Patan, and surveying the slums nearby about the educational status of their residents.

The concluding function this year – Eureka – received a good response from viewers too.

The students agreed that the Foundation Programme at IIT Gandhinagar gave them an opportunity to find their latent talents, nurture them, and develop a will to excel.

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