DU’s Decision to Deduct Marks from the aggregate Marks of the students who opted for Informatics Practices is partial and biased: CBSE“Delhi University has decided to deduct 2.5% from the aggregate marks of those contenders who had opted for Informatics Practices as an elective subject in their class XII, is completely ‘unfair’ and ‘discriminatory’ says” -“Central Board of Secondary Education” .

The Central Board of Secondary Education wanted a review on the decision taken by the DU and has asked for the same advantage to those who had opted for Informatics Practices.

In the admission guidelines for the academic year 2014-15, the DU has officially announced that the students who had selected informatics Practices in class XII tend to lose 2.5% from the aggregate percentage for taking admission into DU’s FYUP.

In line with the decision taken, CBSE Chairman Vineet Joshi asked the university Vice Chancellor Dinesh Singh to review the decision of deducting marks as most of the students were not aware of the decision taken by the Delhi University.

In his letter to the university Vice Chancellor Dinesh Singh, Joshi emphasized that the CBSE treats all the courses of computer stream such as Computer Science and Informatics Practices at par with elective subjects and expresses its concern for students who have studied Informatics Practices instead of Computer Science to be put at a disadvantage by reducing the marks from the percentage aggregate marks.

“In absence of any judgment by the CBSE between these courses, it is overbearing that the course contents be examined by a team of specialists and both courses be treated equivalent so that students who have studied Informatics Practices are not discriminated against at the time of admission,” demanded Joshi in the letter.

In his letter, Joshi also mentioned that such a rule did not exist when the students choose the subject. “Academically and administratively, this seems like a gross injustice.”

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