Crack JEE with 7 Most Contemporary TipsThe idea of cracking JEE, somewhat, haunts its aspirants even today due to various reasons. Peer pressure, incorrect preparation, time mismanagement, and unrealistic expectations are a few reasons among others that make IIT-JEE journey close to impossible for thousands of aspirants in India and abroad.

But if the advice of the experts is anything to go by, then cracking JEE isn’t really a big deal for those who follow all necessary tips smartly. Hence to help aspirants, we have compiled a list of all essential tips keeping all new concepts in mind introduced in JEE.

  1. 1.   Don’t Underestimate the Boards

So if you are planning to appear for JEE in future, you got to perform really well in your Boards too. According to percentile rule introduced in JEE, you may not find that seat in IIT despite excellent scores if your scores in Boards aren’t up to the mark.

Your aim in Boards should be to on the list of top 10 scorers in school.

  1. 2.   Get Coaching

All right! This is true that a handful of aspirants have made it to IIT without coaching but you can’t live always live on assumptions thinking the same fate of few handfuls will come to your rescue as well. In fact, that’s one in a million type of case, which might not work for you. Try to get into those ‘integrated programs’ or just get any quality coaching for Christ sake! Instructors anyway have interesting programs to help you study and remember your problems effectively.

3.   Say No to Long-Hour Studies

Burning mid-night oil is a thing of past now and doesn’t apply to anyone. If you really want to study effectively then set realistic timeframe for yourself. Studying for long hours not only keeps your body tired, but also stresses your brain leading to its improper functioning. Hence, it’s better to study for not more than 10 hours. Yeah! Your brain can’t work effectively for that long on a stretch. So take rest in between and try not to avoid doing things that can help your rejuvenate instantly.

4.   Don’t Ignore the Basics

Well, most students tend to ignore basics of Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics for bigger problems, which is obviously not a good idea. JEE is all about basics. It tests your ability on the basis of all basics. So hone your basics to clear JEE.

5.   Work Hard and Keep Practicing

There’s no substitute for hard work. So keep hard working and practicing every day. Try to come up with your own styles of learning and remembering things.

6.   Enjoy Your Preparing for JEE

You should learn to enjoy preparing for JEE because if you won’t, then you won’t end up being successful. In fact, you shouldn’t try for JEE in the first place if you can’t enjoy this process.

7.   Find A Hobby to Rejuvenate Yourself

Finding and indulging in a hobby to rejuvenate yourself while preparing for JEE is an effective idea. Let’s accept it that long study hours do take toll on our mental health. Hence to break this boredom, it is essential to seldom indulge in your favorite pass-time like watching movies, reading literature, cooking, listening to music, playing Video Games/sports, or spend quality time with your friends.

Remember with hard work and sheer commitment, you can always make it to IIT but with the tips above you will also have enough energy to actually celebrate your success at the end of it all.
This post was published by Aditya Singhal, co-founder of askIITians.

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