How to choose an engineering branch or college
Choices are nice to have but definitely make our lives more difficult! Choosing an engineering branch or college is certainly not a cake walk. Read on to find out of you are still muddled up about the same!

This article is addressed to B.Tech/ BE aspirants who are planning to take up courses in Indian colleges. While reading this, focus on the questions posed underneath, comprehend in both letter and spirit and then answer them with the most suitable answer that your mind and heart generates. While doing this, do not let any outside source influence you. It is advisable to read the questions several time before seeking a reply from your mind. You may then jot down the answers to these questions in either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

If you are one of those lucky lot who are getting the desired branch of engineering in the desired college, then the matter ends right here. Just go for it!

However, if you are getting a desired branch at a lesser known engineering college then read the below questions and make a true assessment of yourself with replies in ‘Yes’ or ‘No’:

1. Do you plan to go in for higher studies after BTech / BE such as MTech / ME/ MBA?

 If the answer is affirmative, then the college brand name would not matter much and you can go ahead with any institute for graduation. At a later stage, you should focus on getting a highly reputed college for post-graduation.

2. Do you think you are one of those who can grasp technical knowledge irrespective of the source?

If Yes, then you will definitely excel in your studies. With the know-how and the skills, you can definitely make a good career for yourself.

3. Is business related to the opted branch of engineering on your mind?

If the answer is ‘Yes’, then the name of the institute should not matter to you. Brand name of the college generally helps in getting more interview calls as a fresher, which is not what you are looking for.

4. Do you plan to join your family business after a few years of work experience? 

If it is a ‘Yes’ again, then you should just go ahead with the college that you are getting. Your focus should be on learning the practical aspects of the related business.

5. Do you think there are some additional benefits by taking admission in a lesser known college?  

Here you may be right on aspects related to the proximity to your home, the fee structure, approach of the lecturers, etc. If that is true, go for the desired branch irrespective of the college.

If the choice however, is reversed and you are getting the desired brand name of the engineering institute but NOT the desired branch then read the below questions and make a true assessment of yourself:

1. Do you plan to do an MBA after BTech / BE?

If the answer is affirmative, then the branch of engineering hardly plays a role there. Your career will anyway divert post your MBA degree. There’s merit in paying more attention to improve your business sense, presentation skills, communicative ability and logical understanding during your engineering.

2. Do you think you have the ability to grasp knowledge of subjects even when the subject is not of your choice?

If the answer is a ‘Yes’, then go for the institute that you are getting. You can make a successful way in any field and you can make use of the brand name that you are getting.

3. Are you intellectual or academically good?

Well, if you are, then you can definitely take up the branch of lesser interest that you are getting and you will be able to learn it well. Just make sure that you can plan something ahead with that branch of engineering.

4. Are you able to learn / understand any subject that comes your way or imposed on you?

If it is a ‘Yes’, simply go ahead with any branch that is being offered to you. Emphasize more on learning the technology.

5. Is BTech a choice made by your parents and not you? Would you want to diversify in some other field of your personal choice after doing engineering?  

If the answer is affirmative, just go ahead with any branch that is being offered to you as you anyhow will divert later. In making this choice, you can make good use of the brand name of your college.

6. Do you intend to work only for MNCs or large reputed business houses and not with the lesser known or medium/small scale businesses?

If the response is a ‘Yes’, then go for the institute that you are being offered. The brand name would matter more when getting a job in the MNCs. Do lay emphasis on mastering the soft skills and make use of the reputation of your college.

7. Are you being influenced to take up a specific engineering branch and you yourself have insufficient knowledge of what exactly you will be required to do in your career with the branch of engineering that you desire?

Well of it is a ‘Yes’ here then you surely have your answer. There’s no point in targeting your desired branch.

There is no end to such questions that you can pose to yourself. The ‘true’ and reflective answers of your mindset can really solve the problems related to admission in any college in any branch of engineering.

It might be worthwhile for the students to gain knowledge about several cases wherein the CEOs of companies have graduated from a relatively lesser known engineering college. A student’s focus  on the education in an engineering college can create a path of his/her own choice, irrespective of the stream, brand name of the institute, place etc.

Engineering in any branch makes you an engineer and you can study well at any engineering college. It takes four years to become an engineer and one can never ascertain with guarantee if a branch of engineering would remain as much in demand after four years or not.

So evaluate what you want to do post the 4 year time frame and pick the choice accordingly and wisely! Good luck!

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