CBSE Changes Examination Marking Scheme—Results will Include Entire Year’s Performance In a bid to reduce stress level in students, CBSE has come up with a unique way. It has introduced a change in its examination marking scheme. Marks obtained by students in class X CBSE board will now be combined with their performance in the entire year. This will be evaluated under Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) scheme.

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation was introduced for class IX in 2009-10 and this is the first that class x students are being evaluated under the scheme. The performance of students has been divided into a long-year format by CCE scheme. This will further be divided into Formative Assessment (FA) and Summative Assessment (SA).

Summative Assessment will be based on exam marks. SA1 is for 1st term and SA2 for final examinations. Final result for class X will be based 60% on Summative Assessment (SA1 and SA2) and 40% on Formative Assessment.

“There are two semesters in an academic year in which we have Formal and Summative Assessments. In each semester, there are two Formal Assessments and one Summative Assessment. The SA is based on written theory examinations. But FA is based completely on creativity of students. Teachers are free to give them any assignment in their respective subjects which explores the potential of students. We cannot make a comparison as to which system is the best. Whatever decision the CBSE takes, we have to go along with it. But, the current system discovers the more creative side of students as they do something different from their normal study pattern,” Rakesh Sachdeva, principal of DAV-15 and CBSE counselor, said.

“This system is good, but in case of students interested in changing schools, only Summative Assessment marks will be taken into consideration. In this system, question papers and marking schemes for final examinations (board and internal) are provided by the CBSE. And, students appearing in either of the exams (board or internal) will receive the same certificate by CBSE,” R.J. Khanderao, regional officer at CBSE, said.

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