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At askIITians, we have decided to launch #NewYearResolution Contest – only for JEE aspirants. The best resolution will receive a unique and special New Year Gift from us…(and probably a seat at the IITs).

2 years of JEE preparation are like ‘tapasya’ period, when you abstain from parties, gatherings and celebrations and focus on completing the vast JEE syllabus. The Big New Year Party is strictly out of bounds as it is so close to pre-Boards, Board Exams, JEE Mains and JEE Advanced exams inching closer – one after another. There are some who mope around for not being able to have fun and then, there are some who like the bright warm Sun remain committed to their Ultimate Passion, oblivious to what goes around them.

Here is an ‘Arjun’ who only has eyes and ears for his JEE Exam results this year. We are eager to listen to your New Year Resolutions too which drop big hints about your real intentions.

To participate in the contest, you have to fill the Google form given here for registration and post your New Year Resolution as message  below. The contest closes at 12 noon on January 7, 2015.

  • The Best #NewYearResolution comment will get a Gift hamper from askIITians.
  • We will also prepare a Blog article using Top 10 #NewYearResolutions, we will mention name of the participants as well!

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