iit_kanpurCounselling Service is an integral part of most of the institutes these days and  IIT Kanpur is no different in this respect. The main objective behind setting up this service is to provide guidance in admission procedure to freshers among many other things.

Some 2nd year under- graduate students are selected as Student Guides for the Counselling Service Team.Freshers are assigned a single Student Guide who helps and guides them through the admission procedure. Each Student is assigned one Student guide but each Student Guide is assigned 6 to 7 freshers whom he has to guide through the process of orientation and help them adjust.

These Students are known as Counselees. Culturally, Student Guides are known as “Baapu” and the freshers (counselees) are his “Bacchas”. So, basically each Baapu has to guide around 6 -7 bacchas through the process. Bacchasunder the same Baapu are “Bhais” of each other. All the Student Guides are Bhais of each other and are addressed as “Chachu” by the students under other Baapus. “Daddu” is the one who is Baapu’sBaapu and Baapu’s girlfriend will be the “Baccha’s Amma”.

After the 1st year comes to an end, the Bapu has to give a treat (known as “Baap treat”) to the Bachhas.. This relationship between Baapus and their Bacchas continues as long as they like after the end of the first year of Bacchas, after all it’s all about respecting and understanding others feelings. Prevalence of such a culture ensures great bonding between the Freshers and the Student Guides and makes the whole concept of “blending into a new institute with new people” very easy and enjoyable.
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