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askiitians totally believes this. We are doing our part and succeeding through it.

We would like to thank you all for making GRIP a successful venture. We are really happy to see the exuberance you showed towards this program which was quite evident from the large participation from students across the globe. We promised that the best performers in various activities will be given a felicitation by making their name appear on our blog. So here we are presenting you the same.

Welcome Activity

Article Writing

Read About various Medical/Engineering Entrance Exams, top colleges in India and submit an article having information about exams, eligibility, and cutoffs, a number of candidates participating each year, no of seats in each institute and other relevant information. You can specifically talk about JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSAT, SAT2, KVPY, NEET, AIIMS in detail and brief about other examinations.

The best 3 articles will be published on the askIITians website.

  • It should not be copy-pasted.
  • Try to read first and then write in your own language so that it retains in your mind and this is going to be very useful for the next level.

Best Performers

Chemistry Activity 1


DESCRIPTION: The students are supposed to write a 100 word article personifying various elements, while talking about their ores, properties  and uses of the elements. This shall help the children to understand and remember the element better.

For instance :

Hey everyone!!! I am ferrum but my loved ones, they prefer calling me Iron. I am a student of class 3d and my roll no. is 26. Today, I am here to tell about myself. My father’s name is Magnetite and my mother name is Hematite. Though, I am a nice kid otherwise, but I have a huge variation of mood swings varying from -2 to +7. My skin is shiny and silvery grey in colour. But when exposed to moist air I find myself in deep trouble. I am allergic to it you see. I start getting red patches and the skin starts shredding off. To avoid this situation, my dermatologist has recommended a cream called grease. Or otherwise I walk out wearing zinc coats.

Evaluation :

The evaluation will be done on the basis of most unique personified characteristics. The more detailed and actual you can make an element sound, greater are your chances of taking the trophy back home. So, think out of the box and surprise us!

Best Performers

Physics Activity 2

The Mystery of Light

Enough of theoretical studies !!  It’s time for practicality and building things that a real intrigued science student would love to do.

This activity will expose you to the experimental way of understanding a phenomenon for the first time (an approach we lack in our current education system). This will also help you out in the future in not shying away from trying out an experiment by building the apparatus yourself and will be highly conducive in developing a research-oriented thought process.

Light is a phenomenon keeping science in dark”, you heard me saying this in the class. Now it’s time to see this yourself.

Make “Single Slit” and “Double Slit” experiments at your home and observe the result yourself. 

  • You need to articulate your observations and tabularize the measurement like the variation in the separation between the bright spots by moving the laser light away from the screen(wall in your case). A blueprint of such a table is as follows.
Distance between screen and laser Distance between bright spots
1 m 2 mm
2 m 1.5 cm

Looks like a daunting task isn’t it ??  No worries…… the following are a few videos and websites to help you out with this.

Best Performers

Maths activity 3 

Picture Perception


To check the observational skills and thought process of students.  Performance in this activity will tell an accurate story about the perception power of the students.


In this activity one picture will be provided to students. The picture will be a combination of things in which some objects are easily noticeable while other objects are hidden and would require tremendous attentiveness and ability to see the Unseen. The aim is, after finding maximum number of hidden objects, you would be required to narrate a story behind the picture .

For example –

In this image, you can easily see penguins and it can be said that there is a group of penguins(waddle) and place could be in the southern hemisphere as penguins are found in that region. We can also comment about high population density. The number 13 at top left is quite visible as well and someone can relate it partly with missing date present on the top.

Above are common approaches of looking at the given picture but only few would be able to observe the bear( Were you able to ?).

Once spotted, people may describe the presence of bears with different perceptions. Some would say that bear is friendly with penguins and it lives with them, some would say that it’s looking for its prey, while others may also say with logical perception that polar bear lives near the north pole while penguins live near the south pole. So they are literally poles apart from each other hence it is a fabricated image.

Similarly other hidden things can be there and you have to identify and perceive the presence of the same.


Evaluation- The participant will be evaluated on the following parameters-

  • Number of hidden objects spotted  and related story behind it
  • The variety of the perception.
  • The clarity of perception  of the picture, narrating as many details as possible.

Best Performers

Biology Activity 4

DIY- Fun with Biology

You need to perform an experiment that demonstrates the biological process and take pictures of the results. Write down

  1.  Your observations
  2. Results and conclusion explaining why it happened


The participant would be evaluated on the basis of experimental results and the best explanation of the process.

For instance –

Ingredients: small airtight container, gelatin dessert

If you buy gelatin from a package, follow the instructions to make it. If you do not find gelatin to make, it should be even easier and just touch the gelatin from the glass jar and wait to see what happens.

Procedure –

Heat water on the stove and add the package contents to it, stirring the mixture vigorously until the gelatin grains dissolve. While the solution is still hot, pour into the container where you want to cultivate your bacteria, and put the lid on in order to avoid contamination. Store the container in the fridge overnight so the gelatin can solidify. Remove from fridge once solid, touch the gelatin, put the lid on again and leave the container at room temp or near the radiator for a few days.

Fig: Gelatin in container showing a little growth of bacteria in 48 hours

Observation – 

After some days you will see some white spots on the gelatin. These are your hands’ skin bacteria. Even if you try to wash your hands and repeat the experiment again, we will always have bacteria on our hands. many nutrients in it they can divide (reproduce) many times and accumulate in the container until we are actually able to see them.


Microorganisms are everywhere but we do not normally see them since they are so tiny and dispersed. In this case, they use gelatin as food, and since there are so many nutrients in it they can divide (reproduce) many times and accumulate in the container until we are actually able to see them.


Best Performers

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