A device to read emotions discovered by an IIT- Indore professor
A device to read emotions discovered by an IIT- Indore professor

Signals from heart (ECG) have often been used to spot the problems. Now science has further progressed and the problems can be predicted through signals from brain. The brain signals cannot be easily affected and hence the results derived from them are bound to be more precise. Dr Ram Bilas Pachori, an associate professor at IIT- Indore professes to have found a way to read human emotions by utilizing Brain to Computer Interfacing (BCI). Both psychological and neurological problems can be precisely diagnosed with this technology.


This technology can prove to be a blessing especially for the physically disabled people as it can be used for their interaction with the actual world. Same holds for a newly born child or a mentally unfit person.

A person can easily manipulate his speech and facial expressions and depict a different picture of him altogether. But the brain cannot be influenced. Dr Pachori  performed an experiment in which the signals of the neutrons were fed into a computer algorithm and which resulted in Electroencephalogram (EEG) signals. These signals were then amalgamated with the primary emotional states of mind happy, sad, neutral and fear. The study also portrayed that there can be varied emotions at the same time.

Another striking fact is that these EEG signals can be fed to smartphones and thus smartphones can also be used to find out the emotional state of a person.

The Prime Minister Pranab Mukherjee has shown interest in the research and has professed to lend his support in this direction.


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