Hi guys, last time we conducted a webinar on 7 sure shot questions of Mathematics that will come in JEE 2018. And after receiving a positive response from you people we decided to conduct another webinar on 7 sure shot questions of Chemistry that will come in JEE 2018.

And like we did it last time, this time as well our team of experts (ex-IITians) worked consistently to analyze past few years paper pattern up to the level where they can almost predict JEE Mains and Advanced exam paper for the year 2018.

The chemistry webinar was taken by our Chemistry expert Mr. Akshay Meena (IIT-Kharagpur) and if you missed out on this then  I will be sharing you those 7 hot topics and example of questions that can come in exam. And if you missed the webinar then below are those topics and questions that were discussed in the webinar.


  1. Chemical Bonding and Periodic Table

Chemical bonding is most important part of Chemistry which is clear from the fact that last 4 years JEE Mains and Advanced papers included questions from it. Apart from this periodic table is also an important part of Organic Chemistry as it consists of all elements and blocks such as S-block, P-block, D-block.

Below is the analysis how this topic has been used in JEE exam in past 3 years.

Now to explain this, I have presented few examples of questions on these topics.

Now, what you need to remember here is that VSPER, Hybridisation, DM, MOT, CFT (Coordination Compound) and P-block are the important concepts here.


  1. Physical Chemistry

The fourth and the fifth type of questions that will come in JEE Mains and Advanced are from the topics Thermodynamics and Solid States. If we examine past three years questions papers then these two are the most frequently appearing topics in both the exams.  And the important concepts under them are: Reactivity Series, Gibbs Energy, Entropy.

The types of questions to come under it are:


  1. Organic Chemistry (General Organic Chemistry)

Under Organic Chemistry, the concepts that are important and to be considered are Electrophile, Nucleophile, Reagents, types of reactions, Acidity, Basicity, Isomerism and Resonance. And given below is the presentation that how they have appeared in past three years in JEE Mains as well as Advanced.

And the most frequently appearing question types from Organic Chemistry are:


  1. Carbonyl Compounds

Seventh and the last question type that will come in JEE Mains and advanced is from the topic Carbonyl Compounds. And the important concepts under it are Aldehydes & Ketones, Amines and Amides.

Below is the presentation of how it has appeared in last three years in JEE Mains and Advanced.

The question type covered under it is as follows:

Now, before ending this blog I would like to tell you that Chemistry is a difficult subject as you need to remember a lot of things such as reactions, name reactions, compounds &their varieties, properties of compounds and their colour changing, basic nature, acidic nature, etc. thus your basics needs to be clear.

Goodbye for now, but I promise to come back with our webinar on 7 sure shot questions of Physics to come in JEE Mains and Advanced. Till then stay tuned.


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