What we do repeatedly becomes our habit – good or bad. As a JEE aspirant, we need to study for long hours and need to focus hard to be able to grasp all the concepts in the JEE syllabus. This is also the time to realise where and how we can conserve our time and make the most of our study time.

Here are some of the study habits that can dent your IIT JEE preparation by a long shot:

1. Studying while watching TV


Irrespective of what you might think of your concentration power, one just cannot study Maths, Physics and Chemistry and watch their favourite TV shows as well. At the same time, having an open book in front of you will not let you enjoy your TV time fully. So, don’t mix the two. Set aside some time to catch your favourite TV show during the day and switch the TV off when you sit down to study.

Similarly, playing a game on mobile phone or browsing Internet during study time means that your concentration is not where it should be. So, keep your hands and mind off the gadgets and into books until you cover the topics for the day.

2. Sleeping with the Book


You lie down on your bed to sleep. People do read in bed but that’s only to help them sleep. A JEE aspirant cannot take the risk of lying down in bed while studying – unless they are just trying to fool their parents that they are studying while they are just catching up on their sleep. Otherwise, it best to sit in proper posture on study chair. You may close the book and take a 20-minute power nap after every 3 hours though.

3. Social Media Addictions


Unfortunately, IITians are not known for being social hunks and having cool girlfriends. As an IIT JEE aspirant, you have to start learning to be the recluse. So, give up the Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp fever during IIT JEE preparation. If you are just too addicted to social media, use your break time for it.

4. No Study Plan


Many JEE aspirants get so overwhelmed with studying for board exams, JEE Main and then, JEE Advanced too that they think they have no time to Make a detailed study plan . This is the gravest mistake they can make. It might take you a few hours to chalk out a proper study plan but once you are done, it saves you several futile hours when you sit down to study and are not actually able to achieve anything.

5. Playing Mr or Ms Remember-It-All


It is good that you have a good grasping power and can learn anything easily. But it does not mean that you will be able to retain all that you have learnt till the exam time. During the actual exam, you will have to retrieve multiple concepts one after another and until all of them are etched well in your mind, it will not be easy to achieve the feat. So, make sure to make chapter-wise revision notes and go through them using D-W-M-Y (after a day, a week, a month and a year) method.

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