Hi folks,  are you frustrated with the Physical chemistry questions for the competition exams like IIT-JEE and AIPMT??

So, keep tensions aside as here is what I am giving you best set of questions from one of the best book which even I preferred during my JEE preparation and helped me a lot.

Now here I am not asking you to read the whole book but as per my experience I am sharing with you those most important questions which are must do types because these questions covers all the concepts for that particular chapter or maybe two or three chapters combined.

So be happy as your time will be saved a lot because you only have to go via {10 questions} and your Physical Chemistry is finished.

Note:-  Although I am providing the solutions to these questions as well but I would recommend that you all should try it out first and if you can’t do it then only look for solutions so as to give respect  to these questions and understand its value.

Here we go!!!!!

Let’s take this first question


Now , I am very much sure most of the students must be confused as to how to start but when you will see the method to solve it you will be surprised and will say to yourself ahhhhh!! Dammn easy it is.


So, See how easy it is , you just have to stick to the basic concepts and formulas and its done . Hurrahhh !!!

Similarly go through next questions,


This question covers mole concept, Redox reactions an S block elements chapters. So this is very important one .


In this question most of the students get confused as to which products will be formed. So, my advice for that is to by heart the values of electrode potential of the elements given in the NCERT book because IIT JEE or AIPMT is not going to ask you questions based on electrode potential values other than what is mentioned in NCERT.



This question is the combined question from the chapters Ionic equilibrium, Colligative properties and some basic concepts of Chemistry.


If you just give a first look at the question, you will feel the question is from the chapter Chemical Kinetics only .But when you solve it you come to know it involves 4 chapters !!


I hope you get it now,  😀 This involves Equilibrium, States of matter basically gaseous state , Solutions and Chemical kinetics.

So, this may happen in exams as well that question will demand combined concept of two or three chapters but it will look as if it is taken from one chapter only .


5 Questions done and I guess you understood now that you have to be very careful while attempting question as it may involve more than one concept.

Now are you tired or exciting to see 5 more questions of this type. I know you must be eagerly waiting for it because exams are close. I told you in the beginning itself P. Bahadur’s Physical Chemistry book is the Bible . “ye baap h sabka”.

Let’s move on to question 6.


So you see how neutrality remains constant and the pH scale which used to be between 0 to 14 has been changed to 0 to 13.02. Its awesome and magical science.


This is very easy question but many students forget this concept and always remember Hydration enthalpy is always negative.


Note these type of questions look big but based on a small concept , If you know that concept then a smile will come on your face 🙂 else a sad smiley 🙁


This also involved two chapters, thermodynamics and milli equivalent concept of the chapter some basic concept of chemistry.


Very easy question, So don’t skip these kind of bonus question if it comes in your exams. These type questions may come in AIPMT exam.


These type of questions most of the students skip just because they feel it’s hard but I must tell you these are the easiest ones if you have grasped the method how to solve them.

So stop fearing and smile whenever you encounter these type of questions again.


Hope you grasped the method. It’s very easy for you now.

I hope this blog make you feel confident now and boosted up your performance and way to approach the questions.

I wish good luck to all of you and keep practicing.

These 10 questions will change you way how you see a question. And I know you will be more careful while solving any question.

I hope this helps you out and make your physical chemistry easy.

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