10 Must-Have Apps for Science Students

Technology at your doorstep – Science apps for students that will really make things easy for you.  Interested in preparing for a test?  Need an easy interface to get that periodic table in your mind?  Biology blunders?  Your worries are over.  Let’s zip through 10 science apps for students that will make learning lively!

1. Audubon Mammals


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Company:  Green Mountain Digital
Pricing:  $1.99

Description: Mammals galore – 273 different species to be precise.  Complete with sounds, feeding and mating patterns, habitats,  and high definition photographs.  Plus a journal and search option to help you navigate easily.  A must-have if you need to write science reports regularly.

2 . EleMints Periodic Table


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Company:  Mochi Development, Inc
Pricing:  $4.99
Description: It becomes much easier to understand the periodical table if you can group elements together and study them based on related properties.  That’s what EleMints does for you.  You get detailed analysis of each  elements or group of elements, and can even shade the periodic table to help you understand better.

3. Video Biology


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Company:  Thinkwell
Pricing:  Free
Description: What’s better than an award-winning teacher giving you lectures on your computer?  In 300 lectures that average around 10 minutes each, George Wolfe teaches you everything about Biology, Ecology, Molecular Genetics, Respiration and Plant Systems

4.  SPARKvue


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Company:  Pasco scientific
Pricing:  Free
Description:  An app that helps you collect sensory data such as speed, acceleration, temperature etc.  It converts your data into graphs and mails it too.  A really useful app when you’re performing a science experiment.


5. Just Science

5Company: Novim Group
Pricing:  Free
Description: The hot topic these days is Global Warming.  This app gives you a graphic picture of how the climate has changed from 1800 – 2009.  Color-coded maps show you the areas most affected.  Animation makes things really clear, as you click to adjust playback speeds to see trends.  Need more detail on a specific area?  Zoom  in, or click the links to connect you straight to Wikipedia for more information.

6. Simple Physics

Urban Max Adventure Competition Kicks Off In Sydney

Company:  Judroo, LLC
Pricing:  $1.99
Description: Are you a design and building fanatic?  This app is a must-have for you.  Develop your blueprints and then watch the app run your design through a physics engine, giving you the details of the stresses and strains that your structure will go through when it is built in real time.

7. Project Noah


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Company: Networked Organisms
Pricing:  Free
Description: This one is for wildlife and nature buffs.  The app helps you document natural diversity in the form of photographs.  You can use the app in three different modes :

1)      Spottings: This feature helps you document and share what you’ve seen
2)      Location-based field guide: Discover the wildlife in your particular location
3)      Field Missions: Students assist scientists in tracking flight patterns, migration patterns, vegetation, travel paths etc.

8. Pocket Anatomy


Getty Images | M. Freeman
Company:  Pocket Anatomy
Pricing:  $14.99
Description:  Study of the Human anatomy unleashed!  This app shows you the human body in 11 different layers.  That means the musculoskeletal, digestive, neurovascular and respiratory systems are all laid out separately for you to study and understand.  The app isn’t very cheap, but it’s really useful.  It contains an amazing array of images and a dictionary of over 1 lakh biological terms, with a quiz feature built into it.

9. Chem Pro: Your Pocket Chemistry Tutor 


Getty Images | Annabelle Breakey
Company:  iHelpNYC
Pricing:  Free with a $4.99 in-app purchase for full accessibility

Description: A power packed app that gives you 80 video lessons, nine sets of flash cards for complete review, a molar mass calculator, an equation sheet and a unit convertor.  Just about everything you need to become a chemistry wiz and complete your homework in no time!

10. Circuit Playground


Company:  Adafruit Industries
Pricing:  $2.99

Description: Your friendly project builder, this app makes you extra efficient by giving you all the tools you need to make that project, with all the data available at your fingertips.  Convert between decimal, hex, binary or ASCII, calculate resistance, power, current and voltage, and search for PDF datasheets with just a few clicks.  The best part – you can submit your pics online for your friends to see what you’re doing.

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