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Class 8 Maths Revision Notes

Math revision notes for Class 8 we present here have been prepared by the ex-IITians who are considered some of the brightest minds in the subject. Based on the NCERT syllabus of Mathematics, these revision notes also cover additional topics and concepts that are taught to Class 8 students in popular education boards of India, such as CBSE, ICSE and State Boards. The revision notes we present here can also be used to prepare for Math Olympiads at all levels – from regional to international levels.

In the hands of experienced teachers, these revision notes include a wide range of sums, equations and problems. The difficulty level of examples chosen to explain each mathematical concept ranges from easy to moderate to difficult. The step-by-step explanations, graphs and diagrams (wherever applicable) make the Class 8 Math revision notes self-explanatory.

All the teachers and subject experts involved in preparing these revision notes have tried their best to include different types of questions here. These free Math notes for Class 8 seek to help deserving students excel in their current studies as well as lay a proper foundation for the study of Mathematics in higher classes.

Class 8 Math Topics

S.No Chapter S.No Chapter

Rational Numbers


Algebraic Expressions and Identities


Linear Equations in one variable


Visualising Solid Shapes


Understanding Quadrilaterals




Practical Geometry


Exponents and Powers


Data Handling


Direct and Inverse Proportions


Squares and Square Roots




Cubes and Cube Roots


Introduction to Graphs


Comparing Quantities


Playing with Numbers

When to Study Class 8 Maths Revision Notes?

When you make revision notes for Maths, you mostly note down all the formulae covered in the chapter in one place - where you can look at them and memorise them whenever you want.

Class VIII Mathematics revision notes by askIITians are more detailed and include a lot of diagrams, solved examples, and step-by-step explanations for each chapter you cover. They have been prepared by experienced and knowledgeable teachers and can serve as excellent stand-alone study material.

We recommend you to look at these revision notes:

  • before you start solving the Math exercises,

  • when you are stuck at a Math problem, and

  • before and after you take a Math test or exam.

We believe that these revision notes should help you with all types of problems that Class VIII students might come across. However, if you still have doubt, you must post your query on askIITians online forums which are free. Our forums are quite active and your peers and Math experts are sure to offer you quick solutions to your problems.

We also recommend you to form Math study groups with your peers, friends and classmates online. You can discuss these revision notes in your study group and help each other solve Maths problems. The support of friends and positive learning environment can make learning Math easy and fun for you.


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