Two students from IIT-Bombay are the latest to join the bandwagon of famous IITians who leave their cushy jobs behind for other meaningful goals in life.

Snehal Nimje R. and Paras Jain from IIT-Bombay have started recently at Koramangala to help new brands and agencies with an ad technology platform. After their first venture,, right after IIT-Bombay, the two IITians are quite optimistic about the success of

This unique ad technology platform helps brands and agencies to engage users at large like no other. Its key feature is its technology that can regulate any amount of traffic. is expected to strike the right chord among agencies and brands constantly seeking to engage users.

engagedino“ is an ad technology platform based out of Koramangala. Our tool provides a pallet of interactive elements using which our customers create their own experience page to engage users. Our customers have been using this page in their ad campaigns, and also through various social media campaigns via Facebook, twitter, email etc. We make brand messaging easy, interactive and fun,” said Snehal Nimje R. during an interview.

The founders of will soon require investors as the project has now started scaling up. also features an interesting fun page named ‘Ask Rahul Anything’, which has received a great response from users across India.

“We stumbled upon Rahul’s interview. We were very curious to know what our Prime Ministerial candidate has to say about issues and his plans. We tried hard to comprehend the answers, dig out the actual substance, but somehow couldn’t. We watched the full interview, discussed a little about it and slept. In the morning while reading the outrage on twitter feeds we realized that we were not the only thinking this way about the interview, but a large number of people shared the similar opinion. That’s when we thought of creating a page where anyone who is still curious can instantly find Rahul’s answer. We worked on it same day for two hours, and by 4 pm, floated the page to some of our friends. They found it extremely interesting and shared it with their friends, and in no time it went viral. Many first-time users thought that it’s an initiative by a political party and their questions would be answered by Rahul, but they realized it very soon. People were asking all sorts of questions there, ranging from GK, philosophy, personal, and political to utterly random like “Why this kolaveri di?” About three lakh users visited the page and asked more than 10 lakh questions. We have published a report on it on our website,” said Paras Jain.

The services offered by will especially attract Brand Marketers and digital ad agencies.

The product is currently in final stages of testing. will be launched by the end of February.

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