Super 30 to become a subject of case study by the British University
Super 30 to become a subject of case study by the British University

The University of East London, in association with the Tata Institute of Social Sciences based in Mumbai has picked up Super 30 as a case study from India.

Venture of the B British Council under the UK-India Education and Research Initiative (UKIERI), it intends to align various social advancement schemes in some chosen states of India and Britain so as to sidestep the situation of destitution.

A total of three case studies have been chosen from India which include two from Mumbai and one from Bihar. In addition to these, three have been picked up from Britain.

Bihar’s Super 30 is acclaimed for offering free coaching to the IIT JEE aspirants belonging to the lower classes. It extends help to the destitute who otherwise are not in a position to afford any coaching.

As quoted by Anand, founder-director of Super 30, the study primarily aims at recognizing the factets of “deprivation and un-freedoms” which are the major hindrances for people having weak socio-economic background.

A meeting was undertaken by the body of investigators with the Founder of Super 30 as well as the successful candidates in order to have an idea about their experience in life.

Super 30 students have another reason to celebrate. They have been offered Japan University scholarship.

This post was written by Aditya Singhal, managing director of askIITians.

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