An IITian’s Story of Black Mambas and Self-Opinionated ZombiesAll right! Six long years have passed since I was introduced to the world of maddening engineering for the first time. But even after so many years of joining IITs, one thing that has not changed in my life is the feeling of a bunch of Black Mambas crawling all over my body.

I knew that I would one day be struggling to fall asleep in some reputed engineering institution’s shrinking hostel rooms. Because I knew that only top scorers in schools like me get these privileged shrinking rooms in IITs and I was no Chetan Bhagat.

Cracking JEE and being an IITian was way easier than meeting weird people with out-of-the box opinions on almost everything about IITs. You command a lot of respect in the world outside after finishing your studies from IITs. Everybody admires for what you are. However, there’s one rare breed of superstuds who don’t think twice before giving a shit piece of advice on IITs all the time.

And advices of these superstuds are not really advices but strong unscathed excuses to keep their frustration of not making it into IITs hidden.

So just let’s go through some such shit pieces of advices from people I have come across to:

1.Aji aajkal toh IIT’s ka level ekdum gir gaya hai. Isse accha toh yahi hai kisi private college se engineering kar lo. Kam se kam wo job toh dilwa dete hain

Whoever says it has his/her kid failed in JEE. If the level of IITs has gone that down then why do they have their kids sitting for exams of such a low-grade institution? Stop making excuses, weirdo!

2.Aji ab IIT kar bhi lo, toh kaunsi badi baat hai. Package toh dhang ka milta nahi. Isliye toh ab inki ranking top-10 mein bhi mushkil se aati hai

Whoever says it has never been to an IIT. Talking about packages, they are still better for any fresher in India. You can even review pay-packages offered to IITians in the last 10 years. You will get to know that they are the best. Talking about the companies, IITs don’t pay bribe to get listed on those rankings.

3.IIT mein toh bas woh bachhe padhte hain, jinke pass private college ki fees bharne ke paise nahi hote.

This is hilarious and gross at the same time. The level of stupidity in people can reach to this height. Well, these are just sick people who require immediate medical attention.

4.“Ab toh reservation lag gaya. Ab IIT mein acche bacche nahi aate. Isliye humne apne beta/beti ko IIT mien nahi bheja”

Reservartion or no-reservation, the number of general category students in all IITs is still the same. It has not affected anything so far. So weirdo, if your kid has talent, then he/she can still get that prestigious seat.

5. Arey, kaahe ka IIT. Bas naam ka hi hai. Kuch padhai nahi hoti inme

If students don’t study in IITs, then they don’t study elsewhere. IITs are the only institutions in India that will grill students hard for study purposes. If you still think that nobody studies in IITs, then there is no point study in other colleges at all.

I am not an arrogant IITian who’s out on prowl to prove every non-IITian a disgusting living object. I am just trying to deal with those over-smart Zombies who don’t think twice before spurting out things like I have mentioned above. It makes me feel like Black Mambas crawling over my body. We at IITs are not being prepared for a battle against non-IITians; we are being prepared for a better future of India just like you.
This post was published by Rakesh Singh, The product head at askIITians and an IIT- Delhi and IIM-Kozhikode alumni.

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