Prudhvi Tej Immadi who had secured an all India rank of 1 in IIT-JEE in 2011 Prudhvi Tej Immadi who had secured an all India rank of 1 in IIT-JEE in 2011 believes that the road to success is hard to tread and many feel like quitting in the middle of their journey of lifetime. However with right tips and guidance, one can easily overcome the pressure of faring well in IIT-JEE and meet every academic goal.

He encourages every IIT-JEE candidate to keep moving like a rolling stone to avoid settling of dirt. Prudhvi Tej shares a few tips to help candidates excel not only in their preparation for JEE, but also in other exams.

The Key to Success is Motivation

Motivation is the key to one’s success in IIT-JEE but deriving it from the right objective is important. To stay motivated, Prudhvi Tej believes that one needs to know why s/he wants to clear the exam. A clear answer to this question helps candidates charged with energy and motivation to achieve the set target.

Absolute Concentration on Studies

Many candidates tend to get distracted by unimportant things while studying such as thoughts of being in competition with millions of candidates across the country. Such useless concerns may prove fatal for your IIT dreams. Concentrate on your studies and practice paper during a realistic timeframe.

Don’t Rush Into Solving Papers

Candidates often tend to rush aimlessly into solving the IIT-JEE paper as soon as they receive question papers during the examination. Prudhvi Tej considers this practice as the biggest mistake committed by them. Prudhvi advises candidates to take some time out carefully to have a look at the paper before attempting their answers.

Work Hard on All Topics

Prudhvi advises every candidate to work hard on all topics during preparation for IIT-JEE. Most candidates take some time out to figure out topics that can be more important than other topics, which leaves them with limited topics to concentrate for preparation. Nobody can be sure of topics that are more important than other topics. So everyone should work hard on all the topics.

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