bghghThe belief of a few volunteers from IIT-Delhi that the world is not in danger due to wrong people but the silence of a few good people led to the foundation of AINA, An Initiative for National Advancement. This group of volunteers from IIT-Delhi introduces various events off and on to expand the existing process of national development by using their problem solving skills.

Let’s go through activities organized by AINA and find out how you can participate in this revolutionary process.

Srijan (literally means Creation) is a teaching camp organized by AINA every Tuesday in slum areas of Delhi. Divided into two sections Srijan and Sanskar, this help people living in Munirka slum attain strong positive characters, hardworking attitude, and other important life skills. Sanskar is aimed to teach these people moral values and life skills.

AINA also organizes free computer and English language classes the people living in Munirka slums. Other small yet important events cleanness drives are also carried out wherein local community equally participates.

AINA’s weekly Manthan drive involves discussion in IITD. This program undertakes various political and social issues.

Swadesh is a rural trip conducted by AINA at the end of every semester for up to 7 days in which the group from IIT-Delhi visits different part of the country to acknowledge themselves with other social problems there.

The objective of AINA is to make people self-reliant, confident, and aware of their responsibilities.

“It is something far away from the all formal and hectic schedule of IIT. To be with the basti kids, enjoy with them, be a part of their life and see the world from their eyes. It feel awesome when you are so loved by them, that even they give you new names daily, by seeing your t-shirt colour (peelu bhaiya, neelu bhaiya, lalu bhaiya ) and close your eyes from behind and ask for their name. I love being there and have many unforgettable memories with them, it feels like I in my childhood days again,” explains Deep Titoria, an active AINA volunteer.

AINA is open for all from other colleges in India.
This post was published by Nishant Sinha, co-founder of askIITians.

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