Girl suffering burn injuries, appears for exam the next day!MADURAI, April 4, 2014: A Class 10th public exam student who got severe burn injuries on the eve of her examination on Tuesday, miraculously appeared for the exam on Wednesday, even though she was undertaking treatment at the Government Rajaji Hospital (GRH). The student named G. Swathika of Chinnapatti village in Madurai district took the exam after gaining special permission from the district administration. Swathika successfully finished the exam under the supervision of the district educational officials, and with the help of a scribe.

Swathika suffered these unexpected burn injuries when she was busy preparing for her examination on Tuesday night. At the eve of her English paper II, Swathika was studying with the help of a kerosene lamp as there was no elecricity at her home. The tragic incident took place when she unknowinglystruck the nearby lamp, which fell down and broke, thus resulting in the breakout of a fire. As kerosene spread to the nearby places, the fire also started spreading fast. Amidst this mishap, some kerosene fell on Swathika too and thus her dress also caught fire.

Swathika was rushed to the GRH and there she got admitted in the plastic surgery department. When the doctors examined her, they categorised her injuries to be 15% burn. These injuries were spotted on her hand and back and the doctors announced that she was out of danger. Though she was out of danger but still she was amidst immense pain. As she was being treated Swathika was desperate to appear for her examination the next day. Seeing the iron will of their ward, her mother and father decided that whatever may come, they will fulfil her wish.

The parents raised a petition to the district collector Mr. L. Subramanian and the chief educational officer Ms.C. Amuthavalli, both of who took instant action to provide all the possible help to the student. It came as per the proceeding by the education office as the officials had said that such a permission would be provided only in consent with the district administration during unavoidable situations. The chief educational officer then checked upon the girl and supervised all the examination proceedings. She found out that due to injuries Swathika would need a scribe for help. As per the usual norms, the teacher from the same subject should not be allotted as a scribe. And thus Ms. A. Aarthi, a physical education teacher from a government high school was delegated as the scribe.

Swathika was studying in a local school nearby her home. According to her parents she has always been a bright student and brilliant in studies. They said that she topped her class every time and was a highly devoted student. This time also she wanted to score high marks. Where on one hand this incident shattered both the parents, but on the other hand they were really thankful towards the educational authority and the district collector who took such a prompt action to help their ward.

This incident shows that where there is a will, there is a way. This tragic story should not only be treated as a news item to be read and forgotten; but each and every student must take a learning from it that there should not be any end to your will power. If you have decided that you want to achieve something then you should stop only when you have achieved the goal, irrespective of the hindrances you may face in your path.

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