212With one more suicide case reported from Hyderabad, blood-ridden alleys of educational institutions have begun to haunt the lives of every aspiring Indian citizen now.

Malkajgiri who was an intermediate student ended her life for the fear of underperformance in EAMCET. She took this extreme step when her parents were not home. The police recovered a suicide note from the spot in which she had expressed regrets for her poor preparation in the upcoming exam.

But from where did this girl, as young as 17, got the courage to kill herself at such a tender age? This is an age when girls normally love weaving dreams about their careers. Is the exam stress really that bad that death seems easier than life?

Life is a precious gift given by Gods only to their blessed disciples. Students ending their lives owing to the fear of education must pause a little and give a thought to the kind of hardship it will bring to their loved ones after their death. In fact, suicide is not even a solution to get rid of an issue. It just worsens the situation for your loved ones. Just because you can’t see doesn’t mean you are far off the trauma.

There was an interesting story of an ostrich, which would dig his head into mud and think that the wild-cat chasing it has disappeared. The same story applies to students seeing suicide as a possible solution. They are just digging their heads deep into mud thinking their problems which are chasing them have disappeared just because they cannot see. They don’t know that they are still there like wild-cats and come to get you soon.

Education is important. It is your right. But it is not the only thing in your life that you are born for. There are several other things you have to take care of. And if you can’t take your life for those things, then you can’t die for this trivial reason either. There is always a way. You just have to collect all your confidence and find it passionately. In fact, the true life is always about finding the one ideal path when the one you have is lost.

Failure in studies is not the end of the life. To be honest, there is no such thing like failure. People either find success or they simply learn. There is no such thing like failure. You don’t have to comply with the benchmarks set by some successful people. You have to create your own benchmark. So whenever the thought of taking your life comes your way, you must go past it because there are other people living just because you are around.

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