CBSE Class 12 board Exams ‘Not good’ for JEE Main Aspirants

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has thrown several odd-balls in Class 12 board exams this year. Maths paper held on March 18 was quite lengthy and difficult while the Physic paper held on March 9 was also quite confusing and time-consuming. JEE Main 2015 aspirants, who were looking forward to get some good marks in their board exams and get a push up the JEE Main merit list for the year, were quite disappointed with their papers.

Last year too, Maths paper was lengthy but its difficulty level was moderate. Since, 2015 Maths question paper included extremely difficult and tricky questions, it seemed to be lengthier to students. Many students reported that they could not complete the paper. “Last minute changes in the CBSE paper pattern was so not fair”, whined Anuja Sharma from Delhi.

In the case of Physics paper, the difficulty level of questions was almost the same as last year but calculations involved in solving the numericals were more time-consuming. Besides, CBSE physics paper had more analysis and application based questions as compared to other state boards – which made scoring difficult for students.

Shilpa Bansal, an engineering aspirant, said, “I am worried about my Class 12 results. With 40% weightage to Class 12 board marks in the JEE Main merit list, low marks in exams can ruin my changes to get into a good engineering college. Physics paper was unusually difficult this year. I had hoped to make up for in Maths paper but it turned out to be exceptionally difficult too.”

Akshat Srivastava, who is also appearing for his board exams this year, said, “I had solved 20-year question papers during my board exam preparation. Nothing prepared me for the kind of questions asked in the exam. I just hope that CBSE listens to teachers’ requests and be lenient in its marking this year.”

On the brighter side, English paper (held on March 2) was moderate and easy this year. The paper was similar to sample paper released by CBSE. Only the passages in the ‘Reading Comprehension’ section were little difficult and required students to read it twice and thrice before answering the questions.

Chemistry paper held on March 12 was easy too. Students could have scored well in Chemistry as the questions were mostly objective. There was a good number of numericals and application-based questions thrown in. “Thankfully, most of the questions were easy and direct in the Chemistry paper. Organic Chemistry was easier than what I had expected. I hope Chemistry marks will somewhat give a boost to my board exam marks”, said Saurabh Anand who is hoping to grab an IIT seat.

JEE Main 2015 will be held on April 10 and 11 and students have hardly 15 days for the exam. askIITians recommend the students to get over their board exam mania now and focus on their upcoming exam.

Best of Luck!

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