CBSE 2014 Results and Suicide Threats:Dos and Don’ts for Parents and Students

Post-exam stress is common among students, which gets even deadlier as the result date approaches all too quickly. Needless to say, result time is equally stressful for parents.

Parents thrust their expectations on their kids writing an important exam of their life. And sometimes, kids too, knowingly or unknowingly, set very unrealistic goals for themselves. All it wreaks havoc on their respective lives. In fact, the situation goes out of control completely like in case of two stressed out kids who committed suicide in 2012 right after the CBSE results were announced.
After one year, parents are back to square one looking each other into their eyes for some guidelines to help their kids cope with the stress during CBSE result time. Keeping this crucial time in mind, we have brought special guidelines for both parents and students. Let’s go through them:

Guidelines for Parents

  • Parents must take control of the situation and deliberately create an environment for their kids at home to speak openly about any stress they might have related to studies, exams, and results.
  • Parents must not scold their kids but rather comfort them with a healthy conversation.
  • Parents must keep a check on their kids’ behavior. They must take required measures in case of any behavioral attitude signaling to depression.
  •  Parents must not overlook their suicidal threats.
  •  Parents must not feel ashamed of their kids’ performances. Not even when their relatives ask for their performance in the examination.

Guidelines for Students

  •  Students must understand that there are lots of things in life that not everyone can get always. Thing come to you when the time is opportune.
  •   Students must not become anti-social. They should talk and be with their friends, parents, and relatives.
  •  Students must speak up to their parents no matter what the situation is.
  •   Students must student’s helpline number and seek help.

Students Helpline Number:1800-11-8002

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