AAP ka APP: Coming soon to your Mobile Phones! Mumbai, March 21: Aam Aadmi Party has been famously known for tapping the power and willfulness of the young blood of Delhi since its inception. This was evident from their campaign success in the Delhi Assembly Elections of 2013. What came as an icing on cake for the AAP campaigns is the recent news of IIT Bombay students developing an “App” for the party, along with some data analytic tools; as reported by the Hindu businessline.
The upcoming interactive application is supposed be released for Facebook, iOS and Android platforms. This will not only make the users know everything about the AAP candidates in Mumbai, but will enable them to seek additional information about any of them. Siddhartha Das, an AAP member and an IIT-B alumnus said, “These apps, once developed, will also enable users to access new articles and the latest press releases on AAP.” To this, Shantanu Mandal, an electrical engineering student added that the Facebook app would also let the fellow supporters to establish a connection among them, and discuss various political issues. Apart from all the information sharing, this app will also facilitate donations for the party and will aid the users if they want to volunteer for the party. In short, this application would enable a constant connect of the Aam Aadmi Party with the Aam Aadmi.

AAP ka APP: Coming soon to your Mobile Phones!The data analytics tool on the other hand, is expected to help the party distinguish localities with high voter participation and thus aid a focused and targeted campaigning. Apart from that the students are also working on a database and data mining system for AAP. Pritesh Mittal, an IITian, a social activist and an AAP member said that the database and the data mining system would help compare the AAP candidates with others using the 2009 election data affidavit. Mittal said, “It contains information on criminal cases, achievements, past promises and present ground realties.” Such a platform would be initially tested to support Mayank Gandhi, the North-West Mumbai AAP candidate. This will subsequently reach out to whole of Mumbai, then Maharashtra and further to rest of the country.

Last year during the assembly elections, some IIT Delhi students made the AAP take social media, especially Twitter by storm. They also made a website for the AAP and worked out many successful campaigns on YouTube and Facebook. What more, they even did door-to-door campaigns for the party. And after such a blaze now when IIT Bombay students seem to be joining hands with the party, it becomes evident that the AAP leader has got all and more that anyone could ever expect from an alma mater.

Politics has always been an interesting topic for debate in India. But since the day this man with the golden jhaadu has entered the game of politics, he has just swept all the limelight away from the biggies of Indian politics. Though his power in Delhi could not sustain for long, but that has not discouraged Arvind Kejriwal from making the most interesting and innovative news headlines for us, even till today. Harnessing the energy and potential of the young brains of the country has led this party leader a long way. Now what remains is to see is the results, which these continuous efforts would fetch for the Aam Aadmi Party in the Loksabha Election 2014. Way to go Mr. Kejriwal!

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