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Class 10 Science Revision Notes

We aim to present you the most comprehensive Revision Notes for Class 10 Science syllabus. Every Science topic covered below covers revision notes for your school exams, revision notes for CBSE or ICSE Class X board exams, as well as quick revision notes for NTSE exam and Science Olympiads.

The revision notes follow the NCERT syllabus for Class 10th Science at its core but include additional details about a topic as required covering all the other exams that school students might be preparing for.

Medical and Engineering exam aspirants in Class X will also find these revision notes quite useful. Prepared by highly knowledgeable and experienced JEE and NEET coaching providers, they'll help you build a strong base in Science for all your future endeavours.

Class 10 Science Topics

S.No Chapter S.No Chapter
1. Chemical Reactions and Equations 9. Heredity and Evolution
2. Acids, Bases and Salts 10. Light- Reflection and Refraction
3. Metals and Non-metals 11. The Human Eye and the Colourful World
4. Carbon and its Compounds 12. Electricity
5. Periodic Classification of Elements 13. Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
6. Life Processes 14. Sources of Energy
7. Control and Coordination 15. Our Environment
8. How do organisms reproduce? 16. Management of Natural Resources

Why and When Should You Study These Revision Notes?


Class 10 revision notes prepared by our experts contain mind maps, formulae, definitions, diagrams, and quick explanations of the important scientific concepts – which make it easier for the school students to grasp the topics easily.

The colourful notes use easy language and images of high-quality so that students can understand them and remember them easily.

Many students do not know how to prepare proper revision notes. Since these notes are prepared by subject experts who have impeccable academic records, they give students an edge over their peers when it comes to understanding the theory as well as applications of a scientific concept.


You should study these revision notes:

  • Immediately after you finish a Chapter: to quickly capture the important points, theories, definitions, formulae, and diagrams covered in the chapter and cement them in your mind.
  • During your Weekly Revisions: to see if you have already forgotten an important point or formula and revise it once again.
  • Just before Tests and Exams: to cover the chapter quickly without spending too much time on the text that is less important.

These revision notes for Class X students are free. Please share them with your friends and cousins and earn some ‘Good Karma’ points.


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