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Grade: 12
Three identical charges are fixed at the corners of an equilateral triangle  If the force between any two charges is F then the net electric force on any one of them 
1)  root 2F
2)  2F
3)  root 3 F
4)  3F
one year ago

Answers : (2)

Piyush Kumar Behera
435 Points
This is a vector addition question.As each of the particle is exering an repulsive force on each other of magnitude F.
As the triangle given is an equilateral triangle. Hence the angle between the two forces is 60 degrees.
So net force = \sqrt{F^{2}+F^{2}+2F^{2}cos(60)}
Hence the answer is third opption\sqrt{3}F
one year ago
Kiran Chauhan
24 Points
As the charges are same. So they will repel each other. 
Here the triangle is equilateral. So the angle made will be 60 degree. 
Hence net force=√f2+f2+2×f×fcos60
Hence root 3×f is the answer. 
one year ago
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