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dhwani kapoor Grade: 12

what would be the force of interaction between 2 charged spheres??

8 years ago

Answers : (3)

ashish kumar
17 Points

Charged spheres can be considered as two particle bodies with some charge because the electrical field by a charged sphere at a distance r from its centre is same as the electrical field at a distance r by a charged particle.

So the force of interaction would be = kq2/r , where q = charge on each sphere

                                                                                             r = distance betwen their centres.

8 years ago
dhwani kapoor
18 Points

no, electric field is not same as that of a charged particle.


8 years ago
ashish kumar
17 Points

Dear Dhwani,

Electrical field of a charged sphere of radius a  and charge q:

At a distance r < a is given by = kqr / a3

                        r > a is given by = kq / r2

                         r = a is given by = kq / a2

Since here we are talking about interaction between 2 charged spheres thatt is kept at a distance r than obviosly this distance is going to be grater than the radius of the sphere i.e. a and hence we will be using the formula to be kq / r2 which is also the electrical field by a particle of charge q at a distance r.

Thank you.

8 years ago
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