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Aravind Ravi Sankar Grade: 12

I'm not able to master electrostatics even though i have read thorugh it and try to understand its concepts..Im able to do only a few sums....Please help...Also will i make to the prestigious iit's even if i satrt preparin very seriously even form now..???

8 years ago

Answers : (1)

askiitians expert Jyotiska IIT KGP
23 Points

Hi Aravind

Electrostatics is a scoring topic in IIT JEE exam and it follows few sets of rules for problem solving. Understanding the theory is essential as it helps to understand the basic logic behind usage of formulae and concepts. After going through the theory you should focus on the problem situations, each situation involves a specific set of rules and convention backed by some set of formulae from the entire set of formulae.

The good news is that there are only few problem set ups to master and all the problems that you will get will fall into these categories. The study package of askiitians presents these techniques in an easy to understand manner.  I will suggest you to enroll for the same and get benefitted immediately.

As per your last question it is difficult to say if you are late as you have not mentioned your preparation level over all. But I suggest you to start as soon as possible to gain benefit




8 years ago
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