WHY A CHARGED SCALE ATTRACT SMALL PIECES OF PAPER .I know that it is due to static charge ,but how it works?

WHY A CHARGED SCALE ATTRACT SMALL PIECES OF PAPER .I know that it is due to static charge ,but how it works?


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Aman Bansal
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13 years ago

Dear Kripanshi,

pieces of paper attract due to attractions caused by statically charged scale and neutral paper.

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Aman Bansal

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shreyas ramoji
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13 years ago

Dear Kripanshi Gupta,

the ruler is somewhat cuboidal in shape and if u take one side of the ruler, the charge is randomly distributed such that if you take a small area of the surface of the scale, the net charge is zero, (that is there are equal number of protons and electrons).... If u charge the scale by rubbing it with cloth,  there is EITHER LOSS OR GAIN of electrons..... IF u bring the scale near the piece of paper, induction takes place.... OR in other words the opposite charges get accumulated toward the face of the scale and the other type of charges is facing away from the scale.... ACCORDING to the property of charges, unlike charges attract each other.... hence the charge on the scale pulls the opposite charges on the paper towards itself... the paper is stable when it is electrically neutral... hence the piece of paper as a whole gets attracted to the scale......

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