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krishna yadav Grade: 12

Explain why a glass rod held in hand can be charged by rubbing with flannel but a copper rod cannot be charged like this.

7 years ago

Answers : (2)

anuj Yadav
47 Points

A glass rod is insulating. The charge appears on it due to rubbing, stay on it. However, a copper rod is good conductor. Any charge developed on it flows to earth through our body. So copper rod cannot be charged like this. It can be charged by providing it a plastic or rubber handle

7 years ago
879 Points

Dear krishna,

Two bodies with the same type of electricity repelled each other, and two bodies charged with di erent types of electricity attracted each other. We state this as an electrical law, that like charges repel each other and unlike charges attract each other.
The charge carried by the glass rod that has been rubbed with silk is called a positive charge, and the charge on the rubber rod that has been rubbed with wool or fur is called a negative charge.

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All the best.

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Sagar Singh

B.Tech IIT Delhi

7 years ago
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