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Rahul askIITiansExpert.IITR Grade: Upto college level

This question is for aspirants:

The electric field strength depends only on the x and y coordinates according to the law




where a is a constant, i and j are unit vectors along x and y axes respectively. Find the flux of the vector E through a sphere of radius R with its centre at the origin of coordinates.

its a simple problem.

7 years ago

Answers : (2)

aman walia
24 Points

 respected sir


 i m little confused about this question. actually electric field is 2-d only but for anwsering flux we have to consider total surface area.


well i am presenting my solution:;


E at (R,0,0) is a/R. similarly E at (0,R,0) is also a/R. so this could be taken as the a simple charge system such that a charge q is placed at origin.



kq/R^2 =a/R

thus q=1/k* a*R

so flux is 4pi*a*R.

i am not sure this is right . if u find it wrong plz correct it.

7 years ago
Akash Verma
36 Points

pleeeez tell d answer b'coz the answer coming is radius or size dependent which is not possible

7 years ago
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