Please explain how the answer of this question is option 4??

Please explain how the answer of this question is option 4??

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Naureen Nida
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5 years ago
we know that higher the SRP of substance, stronger will be oxidisinig agent, and since it is given that SRP of Ti4+ is less then that of Fe3+  so Fe3+ will be stronger oxidising agent then Ti2+ 
Aastha Singh
askIITians Faculty 212 Points
4 years ago
dear student,
there is an easy way to decide which is oxidising and which is reducing agent
the minus sign before the reduction potential values(x and y in this case), indicates that those ions are finding it difficult to get reduced, 
Hence from previous knowledge we know that a substances which gets redued easily, will oxidise readily(will be a good oxidising agent) .
therefore the more negative the reduction potential value, the less is their tendency to get reduced, the less will be their oxidising power. 
Hence they will act as reducing agent, as they dont get readily reduced.
in this case, Ti4+ has lesser negative reduction potential= more reduction potential= gets reduced easily= better oxidising agent.

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