how to prepare for physics in aipmt

how to prepare for physics in aipmt

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Harishwar IIT Roorkee
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9 years ago
Hi Student,

Physics, as a subject, is a cause of great concern for many students who are preparing for medical entrance exams including AIPMT. The very subject not only requires building of concepts but also needs development of certain numerical ability to be able to apply those concepts.

Therefore, it’s now time that you give a final push to your preparation and make sure that you not only crack the exam but also score well in this section of AIPMT 2014. Besides the points listed below that will help you sail through the exam, one should also remember that proper planning and development is a vital part of a winning strategy.


While studying a chapter in physics, make N.C.E.R.T books as fundamental for theory. While studying, note down those points separately which you had difficulty understanding or you took help from teachers. Those will be the points most important at the time of revision.


For AIPMT, apart from development of basic concepts, practicing to apply those concepts within a fixed period of time is important. So, when you complete a topic, take around 50 questions from any question bank and attempt then in an hour. This way you will know how you perform under the pressure of time constraint.


Almost 85% questions asked in AIPMT are either easy or average many of them being formula based. Hence, prepare a formula chart of each chapter. If you remember all the relations well then it will save a lot time for you during the exam.


Topics like kinematics, laws of motion, electrostatics, and magnetic effects of current and modern physics are important.


How well you attempt physics will also depend upon your time management for other subjects during the exam. Start practicing AIPMT sample papers in strict time interval of 3 hours and finda perfect bifurcation of time for each subject.


Practice of more and more questions improves speed with accuracy for the exam. Practice previous year medical entrance exam questions to practice as these questions not only gives an exact idea of the pattern of exam but also make sure you do only that level of questions which may be asked in AIPMT.

Most important aspect to be understood is that while physics as a subject is very vast, physics as a subject for AIPMT is limited and easy. A proper planning and confident delivery at the time of exam will be the scale of difference among lacks of students. Always remember one thing, great achievers are not those who do many things each day but are those who do small things continuously over a given period of time perfectly and consistently.

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