BITSAT Mock Test Papers: Practice and Perform!

BITSAT is a computer-based online test. Each student receives a different question set and hence, it is difficult to lay your hands on a past paper that truly reflects the exam scenario.

askIITians offers you BITSAT mock test papers that have been prepared to simulate the real exam in the closest possible way. A core-team of ex-IITians, BITSians and subject experts have thoroughly analyzed the paper pattern of BITSAT exam and question trends to prepare each of these BITS mock test papers.

Each BITSAT mock test we offer is unique and is not available anywhere else. Candidates are advised to solve these BITS mock tests for practice, develop a feel for the exam, and to track their performance level. It will give them an edge over their peers when they sit for the actual exam.

We offer solutions to these mock tests too! 

After each test, we will send you a detailed performance analysis report which will not only tell your scores but will topic-wise analyze your performance in the exam. This report will also carry recommendations on how you can improve upon topics in which you are weak and what you can do to maximize your scores in the exam.

You can also find free BITSAT sample papers and model papers here.

Click here to access the BITSAT Revision Notes and Study Material for BITSAT Exam Preparation 2019.


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