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JEE Main/Advanced 2012 Solutions

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 JEE Main/Advanced (Known as AIEEE till 2012) 2012 Solutions by Various Coaching Institutes in India

Aakash JEE Main/Advanced 2012 Solutions

Bansal JEE Main/Advanced 2012 Solutions 

FIITJEE JEE Main/Advanced2012 Solutions

Resonance JEE Main/Advanced 2012 Solutions

Narayana JEE Main/Advanced 2012 Solutions

Brilliant JEE Main/Advanced 2012 Solutions

Sri Chaitanya JEE Main/Advanced 2012 Solutions

Triumph Academy JEE Main/Advanced 2012 Solutions

TIME JEE Main/Advanced 2012 Solutions

Career Point JEE Main/Advanced2012 Solutions

Allen Classes JEE Main/Advanced2012 Solutions

Prerna Classes JEE Main/Advanced 2012 Solutions

Vidya Mandir JEE Main/Advanced 2012 Solutions

Welcome to the emporium of JEE Main/Advanced  Solutions for 2012 and all past exam papers. To access solutions for previous years - Browse through the sections given below.

JEE Main/Advanced Entrance Exam 2012 Paper Solutions

On April 29th, 2012, you will be taking the JEE Main/Advanced  2012 Entrance Exam to put all your preparation and hard work to the test. Coming out of the examination hall will definitely be a big relief.

But, as we all know, appearing for the test is just the first step towards JEE Main/Advanced 2012.

4 stages of JEE Main/Advanced Preparation

Get Solutions

Analyze your individual performance

Compare results with thousands of other aspirants

Know your Rank

Solutions for JEE Main/Advanced 2012 Papers will be released @ Complete JEE Main/Advanced 2012 analysis of all the three sections -Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for both the papers can be accessed @ All questions will be analyzed in terms of weightage and difficulty level. Students will get to know the definite sectional and overall Cut Offs for JEE Main/Advanced 2012.

Browse JEE Main/Advanced Solutions for Past Exams

JEE Main/Advanced  2011 Solutions

JEE Main/Advanced  2010 Solutions

JEE Main/Advanced  2009 Solutions

AIEEE 2008:

Question Paper:   Physics | Chemistry | Mathematics

Solutions:            Physics | Chemistry | Mathematics

AIEEE 2007:

Question Paper:   Physics | Chemistry | Mathematics

Solutions:            Physics | Chemistry | Mathematics

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JEE Main/Advanced Solutions 2012 will help you match and check all your answers for all the three sections. Individual analysis of all the questions for both Paper-I and Paper-II will be available. You can also check your expected score, and expected rank for JEE Main/Advanced 2012 at

Candidates can check the answer keys and detailed JEE Main/Advanced  2012 Solutions, as per their own paper code. Comparing their answers with those of different coaching institutes such as TIME, Brilliant, FIIT JEE, and Narayana among others, will place the candidates in a strong position to analyze their  JEE Main/Advanced 2012 Performance and figure out their JEE Main/Advanced (Known as AIEEE till 2012) 2012 Expected score



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