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What are the basic problems that you face while preparing for IIT JEE?

We are sure there are a lot! Just to count a few:

  • Search for a good coaching institute is a challenge, indeed!

  • Now, that coaching institute should be at a stone’s throw from your place.

  • If by chance you do not get it near you, you compromise for a fairly distant institute.

  • Now you are getting nice coaching, but you do not save time for self- studies (that’s a problem for a good lot!)

  • Suppose, you still manage with the time, gradually you start realizing that your doubts are always kept pending because, obviously, you are not the only student in your coaching!

  • You start feeling a need for a tutor who can give you complete personal attention!

  • You end up compromising with all those hindrances!

Does it happen with you?

If the answer is in affirmative, then we suggest: DO NOT compromise when it comes to your dreams!

Live Online Interactive Classes:

Let us be a companion in your chase for your dreams!

askIITians is India’s only website that offers Live Online Interactive Classes for preparation of JEE Main/AIEEE, JEE Advanced/IIT-JEE, and many more engineering entrance exams. We make it possible for you to avail the opportunity of personal one to one classes online away from the maddening and meddling crowd. What makes it attractive and how does that benefit you?

  • You save time that you spend travelling to and fro to your coaching institute for IIT JEE.

  • You get your classes at your home where you are comfortable enough.

  • You do not have to be restricted to a classroom that gives you nervousness and boredom.

  • Even a physically disabled person can attend quality coaching at home.

  • You can get your classes or recordings of your classes at your own convenient time.

  • Meddlesome fellow students of coaching centres can be avoided.

  • You have complete personal attention from your tutor.

Our supreme strength is our Faculty of Ex-IITians– a team of individuals who have lived the life you aspire for, catering to the request and requirements of hopefuls like you! This team of ex-IITians provides Live Online Interactive Classes to the aspirants of IIT JEE and shares the secret potion to getting into IIT­­­–something you would have dreamt of at least once in your lifetime!

You have the benefit of checking the quality of our online classes before you enroll with us. We provide demo classes to our prospective students. Anybody interested can attend a demo class. We would suggest you to trust us only if you find them convincing and helpful.

Are these benefits not enough alluring?

We have yet more attractions! Find out how:

Specialized Study Material:

After all those exciting features of online classes, we even provide specialized study material that is specially fabricated by experts on particular subjects. The study material for preparation of IIT JEE is revised every year, so, you do not really have to worry about getting obsolete stuff. Our study material contains easy to understand language keeping in mind the needs and understanding levels of students. So, that is something that is rare to find in market! We also have free study material for preparation of IIT JEE on our website which can be referred any time you wish.

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Full Video Recordings of Classes:

That’s the best part, trust us! Have you ever felt the need to rewind your life so that you could attend that extra complicated lecture at school? Some topics are like Da Vinci code novel…You just cannot grab the whole at the first attempt! So, we have provided you with a technological remedy!  Whenever you attend an online class for preparation of IIT JEE, that class gets recorded. Upon your request, we provide that recording of your class and you can view the recording of the whole session as many times as you wish to. That’s really like a boon!

Enriching Online Test Series:

This is something that we would say is a must-have for a student preparing for IIT JEE. We do not want to boast about ourselves, but, it is a necessity to mention that we excel in Online Test Series for preparation of IIT JEE! Planned by a highly specialized team, these online tests give you a knack of the actual examination. These are designed in a manner that assesses your learning and development in every stage of preparation for IIT JEE. Moreover, it’s online. You do not have to come down the street and travel miles to attend the test!

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Interesting Daily Practice Papers (DPPs):

Practice makes a man perfect! Old saying, but true and well said. We believe that daily practice is a pre-requisite if you are preparing for IIT JEE. Don’t you? We have our students attempt these daily practice papers to hone their knowledge about the subjects while preparing for IIT JEE. Really helpful they are!

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Advantageous Crash Course:

This is another exciting feature of our services. After you are done with a considerable part of your syllabus of IIT JEE, you can attend this Crash Course to get doubt removal sessions that would make you all set for IIT JEE. Additionally, we provide a recording of our best class ever. This class credited us with eight students selected for IIT out of a batch of fifteen! That recording has detailed explanations on the subjects or preparation of IIT JEE and will definitely prove to be helpful, we assure!

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Convenient Packages:

Needs differ from student to student! Therefore, for your convenience, we present intelligently crafted packages for preparation for IIT JEE that include different combinations of our services and products catering to the varying needs of students preparing for IIT JEE. Choose your suitable package and pay reasonably only for what you need and be frugal!

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The picture is not over yet!

Yet another feature grabbing and gripping the attention of pupils preparing for IIT JEE is our 24*7 Discussion Forum that is a free service for anybody who visits our website! Services that are free are always attractive and it being useful and of good quality, it becomes an icing on the cake! Such is our service of discussion board on our website where you can ask and discuss questions with a variety of chosen groups like tutors, ex-IITians, fellow students etc. It is a platform where you can:

  • Post your question

  • Answer questions posted by others

  • Have a discussion regarding the problem that you face in any subject while preparing for IIT JEE

  • Choose the category with which you would want to have the discussion

  • And, last but not the least; earn goodie points for answering a question correctly! Know how this would attract you…

Along with all those fascinating services that we offer, these goodie points that you earn can fetch you gifts! Isn’t that more icing on cake?  Being registered with us, whenever you answer a question and your answer is considered to be logical by our experts, you gain points. These points are credited into your account with us and as soon as you reach a certain level of points, you are entitled for a free gift!

That sums up the services that we provide for the aspirants of IIT JEE!

askIITians is the ultimate destination of your search for a perfect preparation program that caters to your every need concerning your vision of cracking engineering entrance exams like JEE Main and JEE Advanced. You think of it and we have it! What else you would wish for!

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