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Foundation Courses Coaching in UAE
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Our Toppers

NEET Entrance Coaching in UAE
Entrance Coaching in

Our Toppers

Medical Entrance Coaching in UAE
Entrance Coaching in

Our Toppers

  • 129 JEE Main 2016

    Vishal Krishnan

    From - UAE

    School – DPS Sharjah

  • 117 JEE Main 2016

    Naveen Vaidyanathan

    From - UAE

    School - Abu Dhabi Indian School

  • 114 JEE Main 2016

    Shawn Thomas Varghese

    From - UAE

    City – Sharjah

  • 101 JEE Main 2016

    Sahil Shah

    From - UAE

    School – Sunrise English Pvt. School

NEET Coaching made easy in UAE

1 year fast track (Class 12)

1 Year Target Course for Class 12

  • 666 hours of Intensive Preparation.
  • 77 All India Test Series through online mode.
  • 18 Books for PCB, 6 each for each subject.
  • 180 Daily Practice Papers.
  • Intensive doubt removal and High order thinking skills sessions
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2 years complete course (Class 11)

2 Years Complete Course for Class 11

  • 1304 hours of Intensive Preparation.
  • 153 All India Test Series through online mode.
  • 18 Books for PCB, 6 each for each subject.
  • 180 Daily Practice Papers.
  • Intensive doubt removal and High order thinking skills sessions
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Foundation Courses for Class 6 to 10

  • Live and Interactive classes with Expert faculty
  • 3 days classes weekly of 2 hours each.
  • Books for Science & Math.
  • Regular Test papers and home assignment for regular performance assessment.
  • Special focus on Olympiad, NTSE and other competitive exams
  • All India Test papers to compare your score with fellow students.



Preparing for NEET is indeed a difficult task and students often look for NEET coaching to make things easier. If you too are on the lookout for the best online coaching for NEET then look no further because you have come to the right place! askIITians is a platform that has been rendering help to all those students from UAE who wish to become doctors and do some good.


Every year with lakhs of students aspiring to become doctors, there has been a steady increase in the number of online portals that offer them NEET coaching online and help them with online NEET preparation. For those students of UAE, who are looking to become successful doctors, askIITIans brings to you a niche that can help you prepare for the National Eligibility and Entrance Test. Through this portal, we provide online classes for NEET and help them prepare for it. Our ultimate aim is to make sure that maximum Dubai based students crack the NEET exams and get admission in the most reputed medical universities globally.


NEET coaching with us has made it easier for the students of UAE to secure a place in the medical courses online, and with the same efforts, we will continue to provide NEET online coaching classes so that students of UAE get the best online coaching for NEET.


Gear up for NEET the askIITians way


Earlier the NEET entrance exam was held only once a year, however as there was a steady increase in the number of students applying to sit for the exam, from the year 2019, they decided to conduct NEET twice a year. These exams are held and conducted in the month of February and then again in April.


Students located in the UAE often find it difficult to be apprised and informed about all the timings and the format of this rather important NEET test. With the help of our dedicated team of NEET experts who conduct the regular NEET online coaching classes, all aspiring doctors from UAE can be assured of getting the best online coaching for NEET to assist them to ace these exams.

There are a total of 180 questions that are asked, and all these questions are multiple-choice questions. The only way of taking this entrance exam is via the traditional pen and paper way. Each student will be given time duration of 3 hours to finish the exam successfully. The important thing to remember is that for each correct answer you are awarded one point and for every incorrect answer given there will be negative marking.


When UAE based students come to us for online NEET preparation, we make sure we assist them in every possible way. Starting with providing them with sample question papers to helping them understand the difficult concepts if they come across any. We give them all the guidance and possible help so that even though they are not in India they can prepare for their NEET exam in the best possible way.


Benefits Of Medical Entrance Coaching and the Eligibility Criteria


The NEET exams are an entrance exam held every year by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). As a student before you aspire to become a doctor and sit for the NEET, it is important to know the eligibility criteria. The NEET exams play a vital role in deciding whether or not you can get admission for medical courses such as MBBS and dental studies. Also while filling up the form please take a note of all the mentioned points and regulations because as per the state and board, certain rules and criteria might change. 

  • There are a maximum and minimum age limit set for those students who wish to take the NEET exams. As of December 31st, the maximum age limit is 25 (general category) and the minimum is 17. As for those students who belong to the reserved categories, the maximum age limit is 30. 
  • There will be a total of 5 subjects with Physics, Chemistry and Biology made compulsory. 
  • There is no such limit decided for the number of times one can sit for the exam, however, the only deciding criteria is the age. 

NEET coaching can seem like a tedious task, however, with a team of highly qualified experts most of who have successfully cracked the NEET exams themselves, all students of UAE can be assured of not missing out on anything important. We will prepare you in the best way possible by making sure that all your questions and doubts are answered.


Come to askIITians for NEET, JEE and SAT Preparation


When askIITians was established in 2010 with a sole aim of providing a niche through which students who were aspiring to join the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) could get a definite pathway and guidance. Thus askIITians was launched.


As time passed, the team at askIITians decided to put together with other divisions that could cater to more exam preparation needs for students all around the world. It was at this time when along with the main focus of IIT exam preparation, they introduced a division that catered to:

  • Preparation for the JEE main exams
  • NEET and AIIMS entrance exams
  • SAT preparation

    Students from UAE, who wish to be coached for any other exam other than that of NEET can feel free to get in touch with us. With the help of our online coaching classes, our expert tutors will make sure that any and every doubt or query that a student has is immediately addressed and resolved.


    At askIITians our sole aim is to ensure that maximum students globally can avail the benefits of taking online coaching sessions without the fear of expense and cost in mind. We provide flexible studying hours and along with online personal coaching, our portal acts as a platform where millions of aspiring students who want to get into IIT or MBBS can connect with each other and ask puzzling questions as well.


    So, wait for not even a second more and connect with the most reputed and learned tutors who can coach you for online NEET preparation. Contact askIITians today!

    Video Testimonials

    Khush Bhavsar
    SAT Marks - 2390/2400
    Delhi Private School, Sharjah, UAE
    askIITians Batch - Homi A32


    Haris Ahamed Irfan
    s/o Saibudeen
    JEE Main Marks - 216
    askIITians Batch - Homi A26


    s/o Mr. SATHEESAN
    CGPA: 96% (CBSE)
    askIITians Batch - Chandra 9


    Meenakshi P Sailan
    D/o Mr. Sailan.P.Narendran
    CGPA: 95% (CBSE)
    askIITians Batch - Chandra 9


    Karan Wadhwani
    s/o Mr. Kamlesh Wadhwani
    CGPA: 85% in 11th (CBSE)
    Delhi Private School, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    askIITians Batch - Homi B22


    Shawn Thomas Varghese
    Mr. Varghese Thomas
    CGPA: 87% (CBSE)
    Our Own English High School, Al Ain, UAE
    askIITians Batch - Homi A22


    Avinash Bandlapalli
    Son of Satish Kumar
    Pursuing Engineering (Purdue University)
    DPS Doha, Doha, Qatar
    askIITians Batch - Gold 18


    Mohammed Hafiz Qays
    Son of Mohammed Afsal Koya
    Grade 8th
    Birla public school, Doha, Qatar
    askIITians Batch - rama 2


    Mr Srinivasa Charan
    Father of Sree Nigamaditya Nimmagadda
    Grade 10th
    Ashram Public School, Kakinada, India
    askIITians Batch – Chandra 7


    Deepak C. Satheesan
    Son of Satheesan C. Neelakandan
    Grade 8th
    Abu Dhabi Indian School, Abu Dhabi, UAE
    askIITians Batch – Arya 6


    Malar Jeyaseelan
    Mother of Jeyaseelan
    Grade 7th
    Abu Dhabi Indian School, Abu Dhabi, UAE
    askIITians Batch – Rama 4


    Manoj Kumar
    Son of Mr. Muthu Kumar
    Grade 9th
    Abu Dhabi Indian School, Abu Dhabi, UAE
    askIITians Batch – Arya 7


    Ganeshan Rajagopalan
    Father of Rajaram Ganesan
    Grade 9th
    Merryland International School ,UAE
    askIITians Batch - One to One


    Mr. Vinayak Limker
    Father of Dhruvan Limker
    Grade 9th
    Emirates Future Intl. Academy, Abu Dhabi, UAE
    askIITians Batch – Chandra 8


    Meenakshi P. Sailan
    Daughter of Sailan
    Grade 8th
    Abu Dhabi Indian School, Abu Dhabi, UAE
    askIITians Batch - Arya 6


    Aravindh Chandrasekaran
    S/o Mr. Chandrasekaran
    CGPA: ​94% (CBSE)
    Abu Dhabi Indian School, Abu Dhabi
    askIITians Batch - Chandra 9


    Aniruddha Deshpande
    Son of Mr. Prashant Deshpande
    Grade 11th, CBSE, SAT Math - Level 2 (800/800 marks)
    Asian International Pvt. School, Ruwais, UAE
    askIITians Batch - One to One


    Son of M. Nallathambi
    ​​12th, CBSE, 10 CGPA
    English High School,Sharjah Boys Branch, UAE
    askIITians Batch - Homi B24


    Suvarna Samuel Raju Meduri
    Parent Name: John David Raju Meduri
    ​​Grade - 12th
    Delhi Public School, Riyadh
    askIITians Batch - Homi A22


    Hari Chandana
    Parent Name: Ramajaneyulu Kakumani
    ​​Grade - 9th
    Delhi Public School, Riyadh
    askIITians Batch - Rama 2


    Mohmmed Abubakr Siddique
    Parent Name: Alijan Mohammed Fairoze
    ​​Grade - 9th
    India International School-Jubail
    askIITians Batch - Rama 2


    Parent Name: Abdul Nasser
    ​​Grade - 8th
    India International School-Jubail
    askIITians Batch - Maurya 1


    Sushil S Vanka
    Parent Name: Sudhir A Vanka
    ​​Grade - 12th
    International Indian School , Al Jubail
    askIITians Batch - Homi A22


    Smrithi Manoharan And Sneha Manoharan
    Parent Name: K. Manoharan Nambiar
    ​​Grade - 11th
    International Indian School - Al-Jubail
    askIITians Batch - Chandra 7


    Nihal Patel
    Parent Name: Dharmeshkumar Patel
    ​​Grade - 10th
    International Indian School, Al-Jubail
    askIITians Batch - Arya 6


    Anshul Vishal Nitnaware
    Parent Name: Vishal Nitnaware
    ​​Grade - 8th
    International Indian School- Jubail
    askIITians Batch - Rama 2


    Aastha C Patel
    Parent Name: Chandrakant D Patel
    ​​Grade - 10th
    askIITians Batch - Arya 6





    By Rucha Valimbe
    Teachers – The Chemistry and Maths teachers make the class interesting and we look forward to attending their sessions however the style of teaching for Physics is not too interesting. All teachers including Physics teacher provide extensive help and guidance. Also, provide additional practice materials to tackle specific improvement areas, if required. Batch discussions – are very helpful to resolve common problems. Support team – is very helpful and quick to resolve concerns, if any. Time table/ Schedules – The timetable is aligned to schools in India. Thus, holidays, vacations, class timings are not aligned with school timetable in the UAE. This leaves the students in UAE with no breaks at all.

    By Rohan Valimbe
    AskIITians has helped me a lot academically. I am ahead of my school classroom syllabus in most of the subjects which gives me a head start. Also, the questions given in class are tricky and it is fun to solve them. The teachers are very helpful and can make things easier to understand. The support team usually gives quick replies to any queries. Batch discussion also helps in solving common problems that I face with other students in my batch. Most of the teachers are active on the forum and reply to doubts.

    By Pravitha Pillai
    Askiitians has helped me build self-confidence and in improving my concepts. The faculty is very helpful and they teach with passion which is very important from the side of a teacher. All kinds of questions are discussed and solved, which gives us an idea about the difficulty level of the competitive exams. Topics are taught from the Board point of view as well as JEE point of view. The study materials available are also very helpful. In fact, Askiitians is the best platform which will help us achieve our goals

    By Haris Ahmed Irfan
    It is great to learn new concepts at askIITians live classrooms. The teachers are really good. They explain the concepts really well. The module which i am using to prepare for IIT is really good which was prepared by the team. It has some great questions in it. Overall i feel great!!

    By Anjalie Thomas
    I read about it on the Internet and one of my friends recommended it in school . It teaches me in great detail about the various topics I learn in school which gives me an edge over the others and the textbooks provided also help me practice and improve myself. The teachers also are very considerate and always ready to help us solve our doubts.

    By Aparna Kannan
    We chose askiitians because a cousin recommended it. Its fairly helpful but too early to tell its total effect.

    By Rajashree Guha
    I chose askIITians as it is has a very good and experienced teaching staff and is a good online coaching center. AskIITians has helped me a great deal in clearing my basic concepts of important topics . The doubt clearing sessions are quite efffective and the tests, which are held regularly on the subject taught, are quite productive.

    By Prajjwal Mehta
    I chose askiitian because of the teacher which are teaching me are iitians which give me questions of iit and a expereince about iit . askiitians is helping me for JEE as teachers are giving me competitive questiosns which are asked in JEE thus also helping me in CBSE

    By Ritwik Guha
    a)I joined askIITians because it is an online coaching centre with a very experienced faculty. b)The faculty teaches step-wise and very well which helps in clearing up all my doubts and provides a clear concept of the topic.

    By Tanushree Roy
    a) This is the best institution we could find here. The other institutions here are like parallel school, which do no help in building the foundation for IIT. b) Taking these classes has helped me a lot. I know more and better now. I have an upper hand in my class. With the help of these classes I can understand better and my doubts too deep in the topic are cleared.

    By Urvi Sharma
    I chose askIITians because I felt that it would help me in achieving my goal of getting into an IIT and many of the students who have learnt from askIITians have passed the JEE with flying colours. askIITians is helping me in my preparation for both JEE as well as CBSE examination which is a very nice aspect. The tutors here are well-experienced and explain each concept very clearly and in a detailed manner. I'm very happy with the askIITians.

    By Pranay nagrani
    I chose askiitians because i had a good feedback from my friend . Its helping me well with the preparations for competitve exams .

    By Vishal Bharadwaj
    Joining AskIITians for my CBSE as well as NTSE preparation has changed my life. It has changed the way, I see the problem. Online classes are very interactive and give the confidence to exceland get the goal. The personal touch given by the teacher to every individual student is very remarkable

    By Pulak Agarwal
    I have really a good experience with the AskIITians. The faculties are great and I really enjoy their way of teaching, it’s simply awesome. I have joined AskIITians for my Board exam as well as IIT JEE preparation and I believe that it will really help me in getting in to the IIT’s. Thanks AskIITinas for your live interactive online classes and Study material.

    By Prashant Deshpande
    I would like to thank askIITian's Ms. Divya for supporting Aniruddha for his Mathematics SAT. Aniruddha scored 800/800 due to their combined efforts!!

    By Pilla srinivas
    I would like to share a Great news. My son - TanmayPilla FD 06 topped in the school. Plus he topped in every subject. Special thanks to Ravi Sudhakar, Rohit Sir & Pratima Mam for their wonderful efforts.




    Benefits of Online NEET and Medical Preparation in UAE

    NEET coaching by Experts in UAE

    Taught by Experts

    We are bunch of more than 90 Ex-Medical Experts. (Click to know  our Faculty)

    Live Classes of NEET preparation in UAE

    Live Classes

    Attend Live Classes of NEET Preparation in UAE

    Test Series for preparing NEET and Medical exam in UAE

    Test Series

    Designed by Ex-Medical professors and a group of 20 Experts. (Request for FREE test)

    Special online classes for NEET in UAE

    Special Classes

    For student needing special attentions in any topic

    Flexible Timings for NEET preparation in UAE

    Flexible Timings

    Classes are conducted in align to your school time

    Recorded lectures for NEET entrance exam preparation in UAE

    Recorded Lectures

    You Never Miss a Class

    Local Info

    Indian schools in UAE

    • The Millennium School
      P.O.Box 32446
      Telephone : +971 4 298 8567
      Email :
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      P.O. Box 106
      Telephone : (09714)  3377475
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