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Class 8 Science Revision Notes

Class 8 Science Revision Notes are prepared by some of the best brains in India. They are being offered free online in an effort to make quality education accessible to each and every student.

By the time students reach Class VIII, they already have some understanding of the Science topics. Hence, the revision notes for them are built on the concepts they have already learnt in Class VI and Class VII. The online tutors have mentioned where the topics were first introduced to the students. So, if you are in doubt, you can always refer to the free Science revision notes of the previous classes.

The Science revision notes we present here are chiefly based on the NCERT Science syllabus for Class 8 students. The notes also cover other topics covered in the Science syllabi of the CBSE board, ICSE board, and the other state boards for Class 8.

Since these notes have been prepared by the IITians (who are also experienced teachers), they include a wide range of topics which might not be in your textbook. These additional topics will give you an edge over your peers at the national and international level. Hence, these revision notes can not only help you excel in your school exams but also in Science Olympiads at regional, state, national and international levels.

Class 8 Science Topics

S.No Chapter S.No Chapter

Crop Production and Management


Reaching the age of Adolescence


Microorganisms : Friend and Foe


Force and Pressure


Synthetic Fibres and Plastics




Materials : Metals and Non-metals




Coal and Petroleum


Chemical effects of Electric Current


Combustion and Flame


Some Natural Phenomena


Conservation of Plants and Animals




Cell — Structure and Functions


Stars and the Solar System


Reproduction in Animals


Pollution of Air and Water

How can these Class 8 Science Revision Notes help you?

askIITians experts who have prepared the revision notes for Class VIII have tried their best to present the gist of the knowledge to the students in easy and simple language. They hope to help students understand the basic fundamentals related to the Science chapter and also arouse their curiosity about how and why things happen in a certain way.

You will find that these revision notes are not mere skeletons but include a lot of necessary details that you need to remember for long terms. The Science revision notes here also include an ample number of solved examples and questions for the Class 8 students to show them the application of the concepts in different situations.

The notes are colourful and have a lot of images and diagrams to illustrate the concepts visually. They move up from the rote learning method and help you to see how Science applies to real-life problems.

askIITians revision notes are by far the best study material you will find if you are looking forward to becoming an engineer or a doctor one day. The tutors who have prepared the Class 8 revision notes also teach students up to Class 12 and help them with their JEE and NEET preparation. Hence, you will find that they introduce many new concepts which might not be in your course but are easy to grasp and understand.

We recommend you to study these notes as soon as you finish a chapter in class and practice related questions.

In Science, more you learn, more you know ‘why’. These Science revision notes for Class 8 aim to arouse your interest in ‘knowing’ the world around you. Share them with your friends and discuss them with your peers to grasp them better. You can ask all your queries and doubts on askIITians online forums for free.


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