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Chapter 10: Differentiability


Before introducing the concept and condition of differentiability, it is important to know differentiation and the concept of differentiation. Differential coefficient of a function y= f(x) is written as
d/dx[f(x)] or f' (x) or f (1) (x) and is defined by 
f'(x)= limh→0 (f(x+h)-f(x))/h 
f'(x) represents nothing but ratio by which f(x) changes for small change in x and can be understood as f'(x) = lim?x→0 (? y)/(? x) = dy/dx. For more details use the links given below:

Click here →  Study Material of Differentiability

Click here → Revision Notes of Differentiability

Exercises of Differentiability – Class 12th R.D. Sharma Solutions

Differentiability Exercise 10.1
Differentiability Exercise 10.2

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