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10 must do things by past NEET (AIPMT) toppers for NEET (AIPMT) Preparation in 90 days

10 must do things by past NEET (AIPMT) toppers for cracking NEET (AIPMT) in 90 daysIt has been frequently seen that students preparing for NEET (AIPMT) exams are besieged with lot of doubts. They often want to know the exact tips, the important topics and the ways by which the exam preparation can be made easier from a successful student who has passed this phase and understands the rigors of the NEET (AIPMT) exam.

To help students clear their doubts from toppers and to make them understand the key ingredients of success to crack the NEET (AIPMT) exam with good rank, we interviewed few successful PMT aspirants who managed to clear the prestigious medical exam with good rank in just 90 days.  

NEET (AIPMT) preparation requires rigorous attention and through dedication. If you have these in you; you are sure to top the exam with good ranking.”  Said, an NEET (AIPMT) 2014 Topper Lovedeep Singh Dhingra who secured 680 out of total 720 marks in NEET (AIPMT) 2014 Exam.

This Jalandhar boy scored perfect 180 marks in Physics and fetched an overall score of 680 to be ranked second in NEET (AIPMT) 2014.

Here Lovedeep Singh Dhingra shares his secret of becoming NEET (AIPMT) topper by cracking the exam in just 90 days. 


  • Know the rules of the game: 

Any competitive exam is just like a battle field. Hence, you need to remember the two most important criteria of any exam. Firstly, know the rules of the game and secondly know your strength and weaknesses well in advance.

Collect all the important information like syllabus, content distribution weightage, exam pattern, marking system, time duration etc about the exam before you begin. Secondly, enlist your strengths and weaknesses and make a plan on how to use your strength in the right direction and how to improve upon your weaknesses.

  • Study Smartly:         

You need to be careful about what exactly you are studying. It is a common habit among many students to study from high level books. Remember, you are not doing a PhD but preparing for the medical entrance exam. Hence, reading from too many books may create confusion in you.

The only way by which you can crack this tough exam is by studying it smartly. Considering the exam is just few months away, you need to give a serious shot to smart study tactics.

Remember, the NEET (AIPMT) exam pattern doesn’t always ask the questions in a straight forward manner. Most of the MCQ questions are based on logics just to analyze students understanding on the subjects rather than just the knowledge of it.

Hence, get familiar with the NEET (AIPMT) exam pattern and start preparing for the same accordingly.


  • Know your Syllabus:

In order to win any battle; you need to have the zeal in you to achieve success. Remember, just a good strategy won’t work. You should have the most important skill, to fight well. Know the NEET (AIPMT) syllabus and start preparing as per the below prescribed syllabus.                                                                                        

Physics – 45 questions:

Class XI: Physical World and Measurement; Kinematics; Laws of Motion; Work, Energy and Power; Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body; Gravitation; Properties of Bulk Matter; Thermodynamics; Behavior of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory; Oscillations and Waves

Class XII: Electrostatics; Current Electricity; Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism; Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents; Electromagnetic Waves; Optics; Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation; Atoms and Nuclei; Electronic Devices

Chemistry – 45 questions:

Class XI: Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry; Structure of Atom; Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties; Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure; States of Matter: Gases and Liquids; Thermodynamics; Equilibrium; Redox Reactions; Hydrogen; s-Block Element (Alkali and Alkaline Earth metals); Some p-Block Elements; Organic Chemistry – Some Basic Principles and Techniques; Hydrocarbons; Environmental Chemistry

Class XII: Solid State; Solutions; Electrochemistry; Chemical Kinetics; Surface Chemistry; General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements; p-Block Elements; d and f Block Elements; Coordination Compounds; Haloalkanes and Haloarenes; Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers; Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids; Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen; Biomolecules; Polymers; Chemistry in Everyday Life

Biology – 90 questions

Class XI: Diversity in Living World; Structural Organization in Animals and Plants; Cell Structure and Function; Plant Physiology; Human Physiology

Class XII: Reproduction; Genetics and Evolution; Biology and Human Welfare; Biotechnology and its Applications; Ecology and Environment


  • Practice in a Right Way:

 Your strategy should include through understanding of the subjects and its topics followed by rigorous practice on the topic related questions.

The best way to follow the above instruction is to read additional information related to the questions as well as try analyzing each question and the options provided.

This is very important, as it will broaden your knowledge and logical thinking and will enhance your confidence level towards choosing the correct choice. Hence, include as much practice as you can. Give mock test, practice past papers and sample papers as per the allotted time and analyze yourself on regular basis.


  • Choose the best books:

There are many books available in the market but NCERT books are ideal for preparation. Start with NCERT books and then move on to other books if you want. You may refer H.C. Verma books for concept of physics volume I & II, while Halliday, Resnick & Walker is best for fundamentals of Physics.

Trueman’s Elementary Biology can be effective for biology preparation.


  • Take help of online coaching:

Online coaching helps you clear your doubts in a better way and also saves money and time as compared to any physical medium. Online coaching institutes help you provide essential guidance to prevent you from wasting time upon reading unimportant facts and help you know all the shortcut formulas important in the NEET (AIPMT) exam


  • Join Test Series Program:

In order to excel in the examination, you should regularly take the topic- wise tests conducted by the institute. You may also practice past year papers which can be downloaded from various resources.

Once you are done with the paper, match your answers and calculate your total percentage. Match your percentage with your cut-off. Try solving these papers every week. Make a notebook to analyze your area of correction. 

Remember, practicing past papers and mock test can give a better assessment of your ability.


  • Divide your time equally: 

Try to split your time as per the subjects. Try focusing on the weaker subject more but do not ignore any subject even though you are best at. Decide a time limit and try to finish all your subjects before that time.

Spend extra hours honing your skills in Biology as 90 questions are based on this subject in the exam. Give equal importance to both Botany and Zoology.


  • Know all the formulas:

Jot down all the important formulas in a notebook and revise them frequently to have a good grasp on it. You may also try practicing formula based questions to know your capability and understanding of the formulas.


  • Keep Fit:

A healthy mind needs a healthy body. Hence, you need to take good care of your health in order to prepare well for the exam. Each healthy and avoid junk food. Include yoga or exercise in your daily routine to keep fit and active.

Cracking NEET (AIPMT) is a tough task is completely a myth. NEET (AIPMT) just has a different pattern which needs a different approach to study. One can succeed in NEET (AIPMT) exam only through regular practice and understanding of basic fundamentals.

Remember, with these little handy tips and your mere hard work, cracking NEET (AIPMT) will be an easy win-win! 

All the best for your upcoming Exam!



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