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AIIMS entrance exam coaching in Kuwait
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Our Toppers

AIIMS medical entrance coaching in Kuwait
AIIMS Medical
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Our Toppers

  • 125 JEE Main 2016

    Apoorv Goel

    From – Kuwait

    School – Ind. Comm. School

  • 170 JEE Main 2016

    Shahbaz Basheer

    From – Saudi Arabia

    School – Dps Riyadh/Iisr Riyadh

  • 162 JEE Main 2016

    Chirag Vashist

    From – Doha – Qatar

    School – Indian School, Dps-Mis

  • 152 JEE Main 2016

    Yusuf Ali

    From – Oman

    City – Indian School Ghubra

Online AIIMS Coaching in Kuwait

1 year fast track (Class 12)

1 Year Target Course for Class 12

  • 666 hours of Intensive Preparation.
  • 77 All India Test Series through online mode.
  • 18 Books for PCB, 6 each for each subject.
  • 180 Daily Practice Papers.
  • Intensive doubt removal and High order thinking skills sessions
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2 years complete course (Class 11)

2 Years Complete Course for Class 11

  • 1304 hours of Intensive Preparation.
  • 153 All India Test Series through online mode.
  • 18 Books for PCB, 6 each for each subject.
  • 180 Daily Practice Papers.
  • Intensive doubt removal and High order thinking skills sessions
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Foundation Courses for Class 6 to 10

  • Live and Interactive classes with Expert faculty
  • 3 days classes weekly of 2 hours each.
  • Books for Science & Math.
  • Regular Test papers and home assignment for regular performance assessment.
  • Special focus on Olympiad, NTSE and other competitive exams
  • All India Test papers to compare your score with fellow students.


AIIMS Live Online Classes and Study Material Prepared by Expert Faculties for Kuwait


AskIITians has been imparting coaching on Medical Science to crack the most privileged and reputed entrance. AIIMS coaching in Kuwait is gaining more popularity after the success story heard every year. With consistency that is our signature, we make the students prepare for the entrance in the most competitive manner by making them aware of the examination patterns and even solving the test papers.


Studying the chapters and doing the sums is one aspect but one of the most important strategies applied is the test paper solving. With this strategy, students learn more about the entrance pattern and get well prepared for the future AIIMS entrance. Being one of the reputed medical colleges in India, AIIMS has high repute in other countries too and Kuwait is one of them. With the years passing by more and more students are aspiring to get into the branches of AIIMS. AskIITians is helping students fulfill their aspiration in a year’s time.

Video Testimonials

Daughter of MR. D.P.S. Krishna Rao
askIITians Batch - Homi-K1 (FAIPS Offline class)


Gautam Gireesh
Son of Mr. Gireesh Kumar
FAIPS-DPS, Ahmadi, Kuwait
askIITians Batch - Homi-K1


Nishant Awdeshkumar Pandey
Son of MR. Awdesh kumar bhawesh pandey
FAIPS-DPS, Ahmadi, Kuwait
askIITians Batch - Chandra 9 Gold


Mohammed Abdul Kareem
Father of Mohammed Ghufran
Grade 12th, CBSE-I, 10CGPA
Indian Learners Own Academy, Kuwait
askIITians Batch - Homi A25


Mohammed Hafiz Qays
Son of Mohammed Afsal Koya
Grade 8th
Birla public school, Doha, Qatar
askIITians Batch - rama 2


Avinash Bandlapalli
Son of Satish Kumar
Pursuing Engineering (Purdue University)
DPS Doha, Doha, Qatar
askIITians Batch - Gold 18


Mr. Vinayak Limker
Father of Dhruvan Limker
Grade 8th
Emirates Future Intl. Academy, Abu Dhabi, UAE
askIITians Batch – Rama 2


Mr Srinivasa Charan
Father of Sree Nigamaditya Nimmagadda
Grade 10th
Ashram Public School, Kakinada, India
askIITians Batch – Chandra 7


Deepak C. Satheesan
Son of Satheesan C. Neelakandan
Grade 8th
Abu Dhabi Indian School, Abu Dhabi, UAE
askIITians Batch – Arya 6


Malar Jeyaseelan
Mother of Jeyaseelan
Grade 7th
Abu Dhabi Indian School, Abu Dhabi, UAE
askIITians Batch – Rama 4


Manoj Kumar
Son of Mr. Muthu Kumar
Grade 9th
Abu Dhabi Indian School, Abu Dhabi, UAE
askIITians Batch – Arya 7


Ganeshan Rajagopalan
Father of Rajaram Ganesan
Grade 9th
Merryland International School ,UAE
askIITians Batch - One to One


Mr. Vinayak Limker
Father of Dhruvan Limker
Grade 9th
Emirates Future Intl. Academy, Abu Dhabi, UAE
askIITians Batch – Chandra 8


Meenakshi P. Sailan
Daughter of Sailan
Grade 8th
Abu Dhabi Indian School, Abu Dhabi, UAE
askIITians Batch - Arya 6





By Sashank Cheekala
"I would like to share my experience of my 1st year in askIITians. It was a great time in askIITians. It has given a lot of extra knowledge on my subjects. The tutors have given a great support for not only writing my school exams, but also the competitive exams like NGSE, Maths Olympiads, etc. I had good time with all the new people from all over the world. I got a more confident attitude now and a positive thinking to face a type of questions, irrespective whether I know how to solve it or not, but atleast give it a try. This sure inspired me know about new stuff. Thanks for the help "

By Jessica Anna James
"First of all I would like to thank the IITians for the wonderful work done by them and the support given to my child, Jessica James. There has been a big change in the way studies are being handled by her as compared to the pre-coaching period by the IITians. A special thanks to Mr. Harsh Patodia for bringing Jessica up to the mark and helping her to build a lot of confidence and interest to make mathematics her favorite subject......she has changed a lot. "

By Sameer Dambal
"My ongoing experience with AskIITians has been excellent. Lack of interaction was a big question mark prior to joining but now I feel that interaction is not at all an issue. The faculty is friendly and well equipped with unique and innovative methods to teach concepts. Credit to support team too for their quick responses to issues and readily providing with a solution. All in all, AskIITians has taken my confidence to a new level and I'm looking forward to continue with AskIITians till the end of my course. "

By Ansh Agrawal
"Askiitians is one of the best foundation for children to love the subject. i joined askiitians in 9th and can be sure that it has not only helped me improve my marks but has helped me love the subject more. loving the subject is more important than marks and that's what askiitians has given me. i will always be thankful to askiitians for this. "

By Isabel Lisa Jose
"I like my classes. I have seen a great improvement in myself after joining askiitians and I am happy about it. "

By Urvya Iyer
"No doubt everything is amazing about the AskIITians specially Live Online Interactive classes. They made my doubts clear. The study material is great. Study material helps me a lot in my Board examination preparation. It is because of the AskIITians I developed the realm of Physics Olympiad. "

By Tamal sarkar
"I have enrolled with askIITians for my CBSE Baord preparation as well as JEE preparation. I have a wonderful experience with askIITians. It is a fantastic educational portal offering time saving online interactive coaching. Teachers are very supportive. Their explanations are fantastic which helped me to build my foundation strong . "

By Vishal Gupta
"Currently I am studying in grade 10. I have joined askIITians for the preparation of CBSE exam. It is a very good platform of learning and clearing doubts. I am not only enjoying studying through interactive mode but also develop interest in Chemistry and Physics. "

By Vinita Seth
"I am studying in Grade 9. I have joined askIITians for my CBSE exam preparation. It is wonderful experience studying here. I would really thank the Institute for creating such a wonderful environment where students can ask their queries to their mentor and get the answer.It helped me a lot and I have no more to go anywhere to clear my doubts. It is a complete package in itself."

By Shravani Talashila
"I have joined askIITinas for my CBSE preparation and NTSE preparation I have a wonderful experience with askIITians. It is a fantastic educational Teachers are very supportive. Their explanations are fantastic which helped me to build my foundation strong . Study material is self Explanatory.AITS is the best part for me."

By Sai Teja
"With askIITians my journey is awesome. It really gives the feeling of being in a classroom. It is a fun learning this way. I don’t have to anywhere for Math and Science coaching. The best online coaching ever. It is the best for the students who want to study but not having better coaching institutes in and around."

By Pawan prajapati
"No doubt they have made my concepts very clear and strong foundation. All India Test series helped me to understand the pattern and difficulty level of the questions asked in various examinations. Daily Practice Papers helped me a lot in making understanding clear. Thank you AskIITians."

By Astha Chandrakar
"Thanks to AskIITians for making my Foundation strong and clearing my doubts. I love attending the Online Interactive classes by the AskIITians . The Faculties help me to prepare me in the right direction. I appreciate the concern which AskIItians have for the student’s preparation."

By Swapnesh Srivastav
"I have never gone to any coaching classes, only self-study, but I still have clear concepts and strong fundamental. All the credit goes to AskIITians. Teachers are very helpful, and helped me in making my doubts clear. I also got a wonderfully prepared material. I like it because it has things that are beyond books explanation. No more to buy such an expensive guides and refreshers."

By Rakesh Agarwal
"Thank You so much AskIITians for such a wonderful platform with an amazing solutions. I liked the way they answered my queries and made my doubts clear. It was amazing and wonderful. The lessons were interactive and questions were beautifully structured. No doubt I got an excellent platform for my Board as well as Medical preparation. Thank You AskIItinas."

By Royal Lorance
"I had lot of difficulty in understanding Physics problem earlier. But now I enjoy solving the problem related to the Physics. And yes, not only physics I also enjoy solving the mock question papers provided by AskIITians. Thanks to AskIITians for making my concepts clear and also for developing interest in Science and Math. Let me admit the fact that AskIITinas online interactive classes are superb. "

By Alex Thomas
"I have really a good experience with the AskIITians. The faculties are great and I really enjoy their way of teaching, it’s simply awesome. I have joined AskIITians for my Board exam as well as AIIMS preparation and I believe that it will really help me in getting in to the IIT’s. Thanks AskIITinas for your live interactive online classes and Study material."

By Vishal Deep Nair
"I really enjoy the classroom, the faculties and their way of teaching. I have gained a lot of confidence after joining the AskIITinas. I am very thankful to the faculties who developed my interest in organic chemistry and making my fundamental crystal clear. The coaching helped me to update myself continuously. Live interactive classes are simply awesome."

By Anubhav Ramdas
"Online interactive classes help me a lot in making a good start in right direction. AskIITians helped me a lot in NTSE preparation.with AskIITinas I developed my Interest in Maths (Calculus) and Physics . It is a complete package in itself. "

By Shanti Sudha
I have always enjoyed my classes with the AskIITians professors, specially their way of delivering lecture and making the subjects easy . Hat’s off to them. All India Test Series helped me to find out my weak area and I have also started working on it….wish me luck for JEE . Thank you AskIITians. "

By Reem Baboo
I would like to express my gratitude to ASKIITans for having provided me with much required tutoring for Math and Statistics. All my fears for the two subjects and short of confidence were put to rest by the tutor provided to me, “Mr. SumitMajumdar”. His dedicated effort in clearing my doubts and persistence in ensuring that I am able to understand and learn at the pace I was comfortable with, has been remarkable. In a short span of time we worked like a team in 30 days, I was able to learn and feel confident about both my subjects of concern “Math” and “Statistics”. I will be appearing for my first year exams at the “London School of Economics” tomorrow and my confidence and faith in going through these papers with ease and comfort is all due to the efforts placed by my tutor Mr. Sumit. "

By Reem Baboo
After this experience I can confidently recommend ASKIITans online tutoring over physical face to face tutoring. This form of tutoring allows students like me to be focused with the teacher while in a class room setting losing focus is very common. The tutor’s attention with the student is definitely the most valuable part within this whole exercise. "






Benefits of Online AIIMS Preparation in Kuwait

AIIMS coaching by Experts in Kuwait

Taught by Experts

We are bunch of more than 90 Medical Experts. (Click to know our Faculty)

Live Classes of AIIMS Preparation in Kuwait

Live Classes

Attend Live Classes of AIIMS Preparation in Salmiya

Test Series for preparing AIIMS exam in Kuwait

Test Series

Designed by Ex-Medical Professors and a group of 20 Experts. (Request for FREE test)

Special online classes for AIIMS in Kuwait

Special Classes

For student needing special attentions in any topic

Flexible timings for AIIMS preparation in Kuwait

Flexible Timings

Classes are conducted in align to your school time

Recorded Lectures for AIIMS entrance exam in Kuwait

Recorded Lectures

You Never Miss a Class

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