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Managing 24 hours a day in an effective manner

effective mannerCracking JEE needs time and effort by the students but how much time and effort is required is still a mystery. Competition is too much and gradually growing day by day. Is 24 hours a day enough for JEE exam preparation? In terms of time how much effort is required to prepare for JEE exam? This question comes to mind of aspiring students who are eager to crack JEE exam. It is not actually 24 hours a day but the way students manage their time. Students should be able to manage time efficiently so that time is never a constraint for them to crack JEE exam. So, basically it is the time management which is the most important thing in planning to prepare for JEE exam.

Students cannot study the whole day i.e. 24 hours, they can hardly study 6-8 hours a day with concentration. This 6-8 hours span of time should be spend very wisely as this is the time which will contribute towards cracking JEE exam. Students need minimum 7 hours of sleep daily to be fit and healthy because good health means good amount of energy to study and perform well in the exam. In case students do not get proper sleep, they will be tired and exhausted; which will result in distraction and dullness during study. Thus, because of lack of concentration; the output of the studies and the hard work will decrease and hamper the preparation adversely.

leisure timeThere should be some leisure time as well to have fun and relax with family, friends. Thanks to electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, TV, radio, video games etc. which have become of the biggest stress busters; these have become a perfect choice for taking short breaks while studying. IT is very vital for you to relax in between your studies, so that your mind is fresh and stress free for next session of studies. Most of the students are found taking extra classes, which consumes almost 3-4 hours per day. These 3-4 hours of your day are very crucial and should be spent very wisely. Try to learn something new every day and ask as many doubts to your guide and get all your concepts cleared. Be an active participant and be a part of all the discussions happening in class; as this will give you a chance to share your points/ thoughts with others. Avoid getting into any kind of lose talks with your friends or gossips and save time.   

important to save time For every student or for every individual it is important to save time and manage it effectively. Thus, have a proper time management schedule (in other words a good and a practical time table) and follow it with dedication and conscious effort. Devote time to each subject according to your weaknesses and strengths in the subject. Not all the topics carry equal weightage in the exam, so it is important to note down the priority of the topics and then accordingly spend time on those topics and subjects. Also, it is highly imperative to practice previous year’s papers as it gives a clear visibility of the future paper. Many of the questions repeat itself from one year to another and so on. This will give you an idea about repeating questions and topics which are important for preparation. Include time for revision and practice because that will help you memorize the questions and topics resulting in time saving in the actual exam. So, time management is very important as each and every student has 24 hours each day, one get rank 1 and other get rank 5000. So, cracking a JEE exam totally depends on how you manage your time in a day.

If in spite of doing all things in a planned and disciplined manner, you are still unable to find time for revision and proper studies than follow these tips. These might help:

Get proper sleep:

Get proper sleepDo not get astonished or shock, when I say that get a proper sleep for 7 to 8 hours a day. This is the first and most important step, if you need to manage your studies within a stipulated time frame. When you get proper and a sound sleep, your mind will be fresh and whatever you study will be retained in your mind. When you wake up fresh, you will have a positive mind and whatever task you complete in 4 hours, they can be accomplished within 3 hours. Thus, saving your time and increasing your productivity.

Rise Early

Rise EarlyEarly morning hours of the day are most crucial and fruitful hours of the day. So get up early in morning and plan or schedule all important subjects in morning. You will be more productive as you will be fresh, your concentration level will also be high. This will result in optimum utilization of your energy and time.

Many researchers have backed the study/ fact that when you rise early you tend to be more productive and the tasks planned for the day are accomplished in a better manner.

Do not multitask

Do not multitaskOne key factor to manage available hours is not to do multi-tasking. Multi-tasking comes into picture when you are trying to handle too many things at the same time. We have often heard that people say that one should be a multi-tasking. I agree to the fact, but with a slight difference. I believe that people should be multi-tasking, but not at the same time.

When you try to handle too many tasks at a time or too many subjects at a time; then your attention towards each task/ subject gets divided and it affects the quality of work/studies done. Thus, try to finish each subject or task at a time. Shift or start a new topic or subject, once the earlier one is complete. This will help you managing your time and schedule more effectively.

Take a Power Nap:

Take a Power NapNo matter how tight your schedule is, try to take a power nap of 20 minutes each day. This power nap can be once you are back from school or before your tuition classes. This will refresh your mind and will help you to relax a great extent. It improves your speed of studying, concentration and increases your productivity. Thus, you will be able to manage your tasks easily.

Repeat the Tasks:

Repeat the TasksTo effectively manage your daily tasks, bunch them together and perform them on a regular basis. This will help you in maintaining regularity and gradually will also improve your productivity. This is a great method of learning or revising difficult subjects.

Time Wastage:

Time WastageWe all do something or other that leads to time wastage. If at any given day you are not able to manage your schedule or are not able to accomplish the tasks assigned for the day, then analyze what is that you have done and where have wasted your time. Fix the issue and try not repeating the same thing again. This will help you in saving time and avoiding time wastage.

Use Dead Time:

Use Dead TimeBy the term Dead Time, I mean the time which we spend doing nothing. Dead Time is the time when we take breaks and spend it doing nothing (apart from playing games and surfing social media web sites). This should be used to carry out tasks that are meaningful, and save time.

For example, your mother has asked you to get some grocery or you need to buy some stationery. Do it in time period/ break which you have taken from studies. This will not only save your time, but also relax your mind. Once you are back, get back to studies.

Do not Neglect Yourself

Do not Neglect YourselfMany students make a mistake of neglecting their health and do not pay enough attention to their body’s needs. Stop this habit right away. IG your body and mind are not healthy then you will not be able to succeed with your studies. Take regular breaks, sleep tight and most importantly take proper diet and food. Do not skip your meals or sleep, if you are running late for something else.

It is also suggested that once in a while, one should take small breaks and indulge themselves in something that they love doing. Go out to a cafe with friends or family and enjoy. This will relax your mind and you will be more creative.


learn to say ‘NoThe last thing/ tip to manage your time effectively is to learn to say ‘No’. Say no to somebody or something when you are in middle of something very important (unless it is very important). Because, you say yes for everything, it will hamper your daily schedule and you will not be able to manage things appropriately.

Remember, we all have 24 hours a day. It is important to make utilize of it with care and attention; if you need to succeed not only in JEE exams but also in your life.