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Exam Worries - I feel I am not prepared


I feel I am not preparedMany students make their all out efforts to perform well while taking 12th class exam and any entrance exam simultaneously to pursue their academic choice of study. The desire to do their best in these exams is always found to be strong. However, they may have to face some type of situations that are pressure filled while writing important tests. This will create worries in them. Consequentially, their performance will come down drastically creating fear. Some of the common worries which they feel are that they are not fully prepared and ready to take the exam. The result being that when they wish to write formulae, they are unable to recollect. Sometimes, even if they have to answer a simple question, they tend to forget. All these symptoms are due to extreme worries and anxiety.

Few vital tips for boosting confidence

Few vital tips for boosting confidenceThe most essential thing that should strike your mind is that worries concerning examination are common to all including well prepared students. This negative feeling will pull down your confidence level. You must understand and realize that whatever you have studied and understood cannot be forgotten.

Tip No.1

Start preparing from the beginning and try not memorize the chapters. You must understand the concepts in the lesson and correlate them to your daily experiences. This can help in solving several questions that you may encounter. Such well prepared chapter will not be forgotten easily and hence, your worries can be at bay.

Tip No.2

Preparation along with the aid of revision tools will be a blessing as you can remember and recall the required chapters fast. The common worries that are constantly lingering in your mind can be reduced if you use the revision notes. They can be designed through notes, tips, sheets of formulas or flash cards. Whenever your mind is confused about a specific chapter, refer to the revision tools.

Tip No. 3

Try taking a short test, which should consist of one question on all the main sub topics in a chapter. This test is one method of minimizing your worries as you can verify your in-depth knowledge of the chapter. It is extremely important that you answer every question without skipping any.

Tip No.4

Your high confidence level is what matters, especially when your mind is filled with worries. This attitude acts like a tonic and is an essential element for your success. Do not decrease the faith that you have in yourself. Your honest and sincere effort will always come in handy. Maintaining a positive attitude will assist your mind to regain your confidence in facing any examination.

Tip No 5

The last minute tips for you should be to concentrate on few extremely essential chapters of your IIT JEE syllabus. Your examination worries can be forgotten if you revise the utmost important points on every chapter. This attitude will make you feel relaxed. It is not wise to commence learning any new chapter just a day or two before the exam.

Remedies for pushing away common worries

Remedies for pushing away common worriesAvoiding sleep during study time might seem to be one of the greatest worries for you. Since this is a natural phenomenon, you should just relax for some time.

Keep proper posture

Your incorrect posture and low physical activity are the prime reasons for unwanted sleep. This can be avoided if you sit on an appropriate study chair keeping your back erect.

Take short breaks

It is good if you take short breaks at regular intervals by getting up from the chair. You can walk a few steps and be back again to resume your studies.

Drink water and do physical exercise

Drinking water will keep your body hydrated. To avoid worries about sleep, you must do activities like brisk walking, playing a sport or yoga. This will not only relax your mind, but will also provide the desired energy for your concentrated study.


ConclusionThough worries are experienced by students before taking examinations, remaining confident, happy and positive will produce better results. Keeping yourself mentally and physically active will boost your energy level in solving unwanted worries.

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