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Early Risers or Night Owls : JEE preparation

Night studyMost of the students debate over the fact that what is a good time to study; is it morning time or late night studies that are more fruitful. I call ‘MORNING RISERS’ to those who love to study in the early morning time. And, ‘NIGHT OWLS’ to those who like to study late at night. Students tend to sacrifice their sleep in order to prepare and score well in entrance exams. This is not a good habit. Doctors advise that students to get proper sleep, if they want to be successful. If you start your day early and do not get proper sleep, then you will be sleep deprived; resulting in poor concentration and less memory                        

Morning Risers & NIGHT OWLS categoryNow, just like the debate, there are many studies and researches that have been conducted for both the types (Morning Risers and Night OWLS). No matter what the debate is, there is no winner in this case. It totally depends on the body types and sleeping habits that students have been following for a long time. If you are the one that come under the category of ‘MORNING RISERS’ or fall under ‘NIGHT OWLS’  category, following article will guide you through the pros and cons of both.

I know, if allowed to speak and advocate for their favorite time of study; students will have many points to share. I am sharing few of the generic ideas behind advantages and disadvantages of both the choices. Let’s have a look at them:

Let’s have a look at these in detail: First we will discuss the positive points of studying at early morning time.


After having sound sleep, when you wake up next morning you will not only be fresh; but also full of energy. You can utilize this energy in studying and preparing for your entrance exams. People/ teachers suggest that you should study the most difficult (or the one that you are weakest in) in morning hours of the day. As, the energy an dthe level of concentration will be higher.


DOUBTS CLEARING SESSIONSOne of the biggest advantages of studying during the morning hours of the day, is that you can sort your doubts very easily. HOW? When you study in morning and have doubts you can note them down and keep them aside. Once you reach your school or coaching centers you can discuss them with your teachers/ guides or friends and classmates.

One, your doubts will be solved; second, you will not have to postpone the doubts or your questions for later stage and third, you will get many different solutions for one problem. Studying in day time gives you enough time to engage within your social circle. You can enegage with them once you have little time to freshen yourself.

  • Group Study

Group study is a very good way of studying; if at all it suits you. This means if you can sit in a group and study with concentration (some students do not find it an adapt way of studying). Studying in day time gives you time for studying in group where you can study together, solve all your queries and come with innovative ideas for remembering what you are reading.

  • Natural

Human body has been made in a specific manner. I mean, it is normal for us to rise in day time and sleep during night time. This helps in proper functioning of our body. For many of us, sleep at night is mandatory; even if it is for a smaller duration. Thus it is necessary to sleep at night and study in day time for these people.

Also, the day light is a better option for reading and studying as comepared to un-natural light that we use at night. By studying in day tijme, we are saving our eyesight from getting impacted and second we are saving lots of electricity too. Thus, these are some of the basic points that can be considered as benefits if studying during day time.  Having discussed the pros of day time studies; now let us look at the pros of Night study:

  • Inspiration

By inspiration here, I mean creativity or imagination that one can imply for effective study. For some people, by the time it is night, they start conceiving ideas and concepts in a different manner (I don’t know if it true or not; but it works for me. I guess I a NIGHT OWL too). Thus, improving creativity in studies and laying more strong foundation of the basics.

  • Silence

There is lot of silence at night, as half of the people are off to bed. This means that you can study with more concentration and more effectively as compared to noise pollution created in day time. This time is the best time where you can analyze and study the subjects that are difficult for you.

  • Empty Libraries

Empty LibraryThis option is valid only for those who live nearby to a 24 hours library. The rush during night time will be too less, you will have less distractions and all the books that you require will be available easily. Thu, you can access those books or computer at library for searching/ referencing; which otherwise will be next to impossible during daytime.

  • Lesser Distractions

Lesser DistractionsDuring night time you will have lesser distractions. There will be nobody watching TV, so you do not get distracted by it. All your friends are asleep, so you are not unfocused by social media websites or messages from the. You do not have anybody coming and disturbing you and you can pay more attention to your studies.

So you see that hardly you can decide which one is better, as both of them have equal advantages. There are no disadvantages about studying at day time, apart from the fact that during day time there are more distractions as compared to night time. But, if you are focused and determined towards you studies; then nothing can distract you. However there are implications of studying at night. They are:

You suffer from insomnia. This means that you are sleeping order gets disturbed and the duration of your sleep gets adversely affected in long run. You get eating disorder. Those who study at night have been witnessed suffering from eating disorder. Their eating habits are not normal, which impacts the health of their body and mind. Fair poorly. When you study late at night and trying to cram things for the next day’s test; you are bound to fair poorly in tests or exams. If you do not get proper sleep and are drowsy while writing your test or exam, then you will not be able to get a good score.

In general, it has been noticed that if you do not get proper sleep it impacts your concentration and understanding level. No matter what time of the day you are choosing to study, it is not that will affect your scores. It is your study material, your notes, your study habits, your perseverance that will matter the most.

It is your responsibility and duty to understand your body type before you decide to take up the studies. Study at day time, if you are comfortable studying in early morning hours or study at night if that suits you. Get proper and sound sleep; eat right, exercise a little and try to be physically as well mentally fit. The choice is yours. What all I have to say is that, no matter what you choose as your study time, study with concentration and honesty. This is a key to your success and your dreams. All the Best!!