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Don’t Fight Distractions. Make Them


DistractionsAre you a student studying for JEE preparation exam this year? Do you get interrupted frequently in your studies? It is quite natural for any student to get distracted in several ways. This upsets your concentration and cuts down the preparation time required for taking IIT JEE exam. However, the distractions that you may face can be treated as totally irrelevant. You should not try to fight out distractions, but on the other hand, try to think them as immaterial for you. Achieving success in your JEE preparation will enable you to choose a place with absolute freedom in your life’s journey. It would be truly worthwhile to gain admission to an IIT, which is your dream come true after your relentless hard work and struggle by passing successfully through your JEE Preparation exam.  

JEE Preparation and your journey to crack it

journey to crack itIt would be a total mistake by you in the first instance to think that the JEE Preparation examination questions are very difficult. Speaking honestly, you should feel that when you advance through the JEE preparation exam, you will no doubt start gaining absolute confidence. This gives you great self-assurance as well as the desired capacity to crack it. It is possible that you must have aimed to get into one of the IITs from eighth standard itself. But, this was possible only when you entered 12th standard. So, now you have started your systematic preparation for making your serious attempt to pass JEE preparation exam. Till the end of 10th standard, you must have been hoping to make your entry into any one of the IITs. However, you must have soon understood that taking up JEE is not that difficult to pass. With this situation, you have assumed that anyone can make JEE preparation provided that he or she is perfect in studies and work extremely hard. In this way, you can make your preparation to achieve a good rank. It is a fact that passing through 11th and 12th standards is the most difficult phases of anyone’s life.


MotivationMotivation is an important factor and is essential for you to prepare for your JEE examination. According to a story of an incident described by a physics lecturer during his IIT days, the captain of a swimming team was entrusted with the task of selecting the team. He advised all the contestants to swim twenty-five laps. After fifteen laps everyone gave up, but one student made his determination to complete all the twenty-five laps with vigour and strength. This student never gave up his attitude, and eventually, he became the owner of a million dollar company. From this short story, you need to realize that even though you have not taken anything seriously in your life, you must think that hard work and perseverance will enable you to accomplish any task that you come across. With this aim in your mind, you can give a kick start to your JEE preparation. You don’t need to fight distractions that you may come across, but make it irrelevant and try to get a rank among the top fifty in the JEE examination this year.      

Preparation and coaching

Preparation and coachingNow you can enrol for JEE coaching offered by any recognized coaching institute like AskIITians immediately. During your 11th class, you had felt that you could not grab the key concepts in subjects like Chemistry and Physics. Now, you can spend some time to gain your knowledge on this by studying both the subjects. You can now think that every student should follow the same principle. You need not study these two subjects just for the sake of clearing some your competitive examination, but try to enjoy the subject. Furthermore, you can follow to work on test series for getting a good knowledge of concepts of Physics and Mathematics. You can also refer books written by Walker on theory of physics, text books published from NCERT, Chemistry written by Peter Sykes, H.C. Verma’s book on concepts of Physics and Problems in physics by Irodov and Halliday. Apart from this, it is essential for you to focus your attention on your classroom notes and solving questions of previous year’s papers. This is how you can keep your JEE preparation aligned perfectly to face the desired standards.

Tips that can really work

Tips During your JEE preparation examination, you can follow some tips that can benefit you greatly.

  • You can stay confident and not underestimate your potential

  • You can keep yourself motivated always

  • Keep studying consistently for the final examination, which is important

  • Remember to concentrate on the basics instead of tackling only the complicated problems. Your fundamental knowledge is tested through JEE.

  • Always try to stay calm and there is no need for you to spend your time worrying

  • You can seek the advice of teachers and seniors and learn from their experience.

  • Appearing for mock tests of various types at regular intervals is important. This will assist you to gain confidence and be comfortable to crack your final exam

  • Effective time management is important enabling you to completely concentrate on your studies. Fix number of hours of study daily and follow it strictly

  • Make a note of every mistake that you are prone to commit

  • Avoid seeing TV, movies and other extra-curricular activities during 11th and 12th standards

  • Taking care of your health is important. Get good sleep and consume a balanced and healthy diet

  • Strengthen your calculations

  • Improve speed to read, understand and solve problems

  • Do study every subject on a daily basis instead of concentrating only on one subject during the entire day

  • Understanding the question and your ability to derive equations in Physics out of a given condition plays a key role in producing the correct answer.

  • Try to master topics on modern physics, thermodynamics, optics, electrodynamics, and mechanics

  • You need to practice a variety of problems in mathematics

  • For topics on conic sections, you need to thoroughly understand the basic terminology and transformations related to conics

  • Exposure to variety of problem solving is essential in Calculus

  • You can score more marks in complex numbers and theory of probability related to Algebra

  • It is essential for you to learn the geometrical interpretation of complex numbers

  • You need to understand and study about 3D geometry and vectors

  • Basic concepts and practice of some good quality questions are essential in organic chemistry

  • Try to obtain clarity in concepts including a couple of practice problems. These are sufficient for you to understand physical chemistry

  • You can refer to the  book on Inorganic Chemistry written by J.D.Lee


You can try to work on the above tips and gain absolute confidence in cracking your JEE examination without giving room to any distractions by making them irrelevant when you are preparing for JEE examination.