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An Indispensable Checklist for JEE Main 2015 Counseling

ChecklistCounselling Procedure for JEE Main 2015: The counseling procedure for JEE Main 2015 will begin from the 2nd week of July 2015. Candidates can submit their applications to register online, as well as choice filling and choice locking, which are followed by seat allotment and admission procedure for NITs, CFTIs, and other colleges that are actively participating in JEE Main 2015. Only those candidates who qualify in JEE Main 2015 are allowed to apply for JEE Main 2015 Counseling. Candidates must follow the guidelines carefully that have been prescribed for the counseling process. Check the JEE Main 2015 schedule for counseling and the procedure as announced by CSAB, which are mentioned below.

What were the new developments in JEE Main 2014:

  • 4 rounds of allotment of seats were scheduled to substitute the 3 rounds of allotment in comparison with JEE Main 2013. This was followed by a round of spot admission.

  • This step was aimed at minimizing the gap between the completion date of the counseling process and the date of commencement of classes.

  • A new provision was included for fresh candidate registration before the 4th round and spot round for those who failed to register before the 1st round.

  • Candidates who were dissatisfied with their allotment were able to surrender their previous allotment in order to unlock their choices prior to the 4th and spot round.

  • It was compulsory for candidates to pay their initial fees through electronic payment systems only, such as e-Challan, credit card, or debit card. They had to choose the bank according to their convenience for payment of initial fees.

  • To assist the process of JEE Main counseling, Reporting Centers or Help Centers were established across the country.

Outstanding Features of JEE Main 2015 Counseling Process:

  • The counseling procedure for JEE Main 2015 will be carried out by the CSAB (Central Seat Allocation Board).

  • Allocation of seats for JEE Main 2015 will be carried out based on the merit ranks of JEE Main 2015 according to the provisions by CBSE.

  • Seat allocation based on JEE Main 2015 Counseling will be applicable for seats at both Government as well as Private institutions.

  • Only those candidates who have qualified in JEE Main 2015 are eligible for participation in counseling for JEE Main 2015.

  • 50% of admissions to NITs will be reserved for HS (Home State) Quota candidates and the remaining 50% for candidates of Other State Quota. Allocation of seats will be in the order of HS Quota or Other State Quota and ultimately the All India Quota as applicable.

  • JEE Main 2015 Counseling will witness combined choice filling for both Engineering and Architecture so that vacant seats are avoided at the end of the seat allocation process.

  • A candidate who is eligible for both Architecture and Engineering will receive an allocation of a single seat according to the guidelines.

  • For candidates from Union Territories of India with no NITs (such as Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu, Lakshadweep and Kandvi, and Andaman and Nicobar Islands), the entire Home Quota will be made available at an NIT that is the nearest. These seats will be supernumerary in nature over and above the HS quota of the respective NITs.

The Counseling Procedure for JEE Main 2015 will comprise the following stages:

(I) Online Registration for JEE Main 2015:

  • This will be held from the 1st week of July to the last week of the same month.

  • Note: Spot Round registrations will be made available after the completion of JEE Main 2015 Counseling.

  • Candidates must submit their personal info, mobile phone numbers, and bank details during registration for JEE Main 2015 Counseling.

  • Payment of fees has to be made through online sources such as debit cards, credit cards, or e-Challan.

(II) JEE Main 2015 Online Choice Filling and Choice Locking:

  • Only post successful registration, candidates will be able to choose their branch and institute online through the CSAB website.

  • The choice filling will be held from the 1st week of July 2015.

  • Candidates must remember that allocation of seats to candidates will be held in the order of choices that are entered by candidates; therefore, choice filling must be done with due caution.

  •  Choice locking must be performed after detailed consideration and prior to the set deadline.

  • After the 3rd round of allotment of seats, candidates who have failed to get an allotment have been given the ability to modify their choices.

  • Candidates who are dissatisfied with their allotment of seats have the ability to unlock their choices for the fourth round of JEE Main Counseling Procedure only after surrender of their previous allotment.

  • Candidates who have failed to register until then, too, can register afresh for the fourth round from the last week of July 2015.

(III) Declaration of Seat Allocation for JEE Main 2015 and Verification of Documents:

  • Allocation of seats will be based on the All India Merit Ranks that are obtained in JEE Main 2015 and the choices filled in by candidates during the Counseling Procedure.

  • Allotment of seats will be carried out in 4 rounds of the Counseling Procedure.

  • Candidates who have been allotted seats must report to any one of the RCs (Reporting Centers) according to the provided schedule after payment of fees

  • Candidates need to get their documents verified and give their assent to the offered seat.

  • A letter of provisional admission will be offered to students after the preliminary guidelines have been met.

(IV) Reporting for Admission to Allotted Institute:

  • Post completion of the verification process, candidates should report to the allotted institute to complete his or her admission.

JEE Main 2015 Spot Seat Allocation:

  • A spot round will be held for vacant seats after the 4 rounds of seat allocation of the Counseling Procedure have been completed.

  • Candidates who have previously registered for the initial 4 rounds of the Counseling Procedure need not make another attempt.

  • Candidates who register anew need to fill in the choices, pay the mentioned fees, and lock choices only at the Reporting Centers.

  • The Spot Round will be for seats in both Private Institutions (SFTIs) and Government Institutions (IITs, NITs, and CFTIs)

  • The fees collected for the Spot Round will not be refunded.

 Important Notes:

  • If a candidate rejects an allotted seat during the CSAB-conducted Counseling Procedure, he or she will not be eligible to participate in further rounds, including the Spot Round.

  • If a candidate withdraws from the Counseling Procedure after provisional admission to an institute, he or she will not be considered for future rounds of seat allocation by CSAB, including Spot Round.

JEE Main 2014 Counseling Schedule Steps:

  • Online registration, Choice Filling

  • Choice Locking

  • Round 1: Allotment of Seats

  • Personal reporting by candidate at any of the Reporting Centers after payment of fees

  • Round 2: Allotment of Seats

  • Personal reporting by the candidate at any of the Reporting Centers after payment of fees

  • Round 3: Allotment of Seats

  • Personal reporting by the candidate at any of the Reporting Centers after payment of fees

  • Surrendering of seat at the same RC (Reporting Center) by candidates who were allotted seats in Round 1, 2, and 3 and who are dissatisfied with their allotment and who do not want to gain admission in the allotted institute, but who still desire to be in contention for further allotment rounds.

  • Reporting at allotted institutes in person by candidates of all 3 rounds who are satisfied with the allotted seat and institute.

  • Choice modification carried out by candidates who have failed to get any seat allotment and candidates who have surrendered their prior allotment to unlock their former choice. Fresh registration for candidates who are yet to register.

  • Round four: Allotment

  • Reporting by candidates at the allotted institute after the 4th round of allotment

  • Internal sliding (only Within Category)

  • Spot Round for GFTIs and SFTIs: Online Registering, Online Filling of Choices, Online Payment of Fees, and Online Locking of Choices

  • Spot Round of allotment of seats

  • Reporting by candidates in person at the allotted institutes (both GFTIs and SFTIs) against the Spot Round of Allotment

  • The process of Seat Allocation closes

This was the checklist for JEE Main 2015 Counseling Procedure in detail.