how can we product three vectors

how can we product three vectors


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Scalar Triple Product

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The scalar triple product of three vectors A, B, and C is denoted [A,B,C] and defined by

[A,B,C] = A·(BxC)
= B·(CxA)
= C·(AxB)
= det(ABC)
= |A_1 A_2 A_3; B_1 B_2 B_3; C_1 C_2 C_3|

where A·B denotes a dot product, AxB denotes a cross product, det(A)=|A| denotes a determinant, and A_i, B_i, and C_i are components of the vectors A, B, and C, respectively. The scalar triple product is a pseudoscalar (i.e., it reverses sign under inversion). The scalar triple product can also be written in terms of the permutation symbol epsilon_(ijk) as


where Einstein summation has been used to sum over repeated indices.

Additional identities involving the scalar triple product are

A·(BxC) = B·(CxA)=C·(AxB)
[A,B,C]D = [D,B,C]A+[A,D,C]B+[A,B,D]C
[q,q^'',q^('''')][r,r^'',r^('''')] = |q·r q·r^'' q·r^(''''); q^''·r q^''·r^'' q^''·r^(''''); q^('''')·r q^('''')·r^'' q^('''')·r^('''')|.

The volume of a parallelepiped whose sides are given by the vectors A, B, and C is given by the absolute value of the scalar triple product


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In mathematics, the triple product is a product of three vectors. The name "triple product" is used for two different products, the scalar-valued scalar triple product and, less often, the vector-valued vector triple product.

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