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why is it so complicateds to understand trigonometry????????????????????????????????????????

why is it so complicateds to understand trigonometry????????????????????????????????????????


3 Answers

Ritesh Khatri
76 Points
4 years ago
Try to memorise formulas and learn their applications then you will be ble to solve questions. try to solve different variety of questions and try to understand all basic concepts which will create an interest in subject.
12 Points
4 years ago
Basically trigonometry is a chapter of maths which can have a full different concept in each question. In other chapters we can get some concepts to understand and use them in almost all questions. Thats why trigonometry comes to be complicated for understanding. One should practice more and more new types of questions so that they can understand more concepts of trigonometry. Just practice new types of questions......
Soumendu Majumdar
159 Points
3 years ago
Dear Student,
Trigonometry has certain formulas which you need to know and remember while you solve questions on trigonometry.
Every question of trigonometry uses at least one formula of trigonometry. What you need to do is keep practising & keep trying to understand how to proceed & which formulas to use in each step. That way it’ll be much easier for you to learn it.

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