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Harsh Patodia IIT Roorkee
askIITians Faculty 907 Points
8 years ago

For this either base should be 1 or power should be zero
for base as zero |cosx| = 1
x should be n\pi
Cleary at n\pi power is not 0 which implies different roots
now sin2x -3/2 (sinx) +1/2 =0
Solve it using midle term splitting we will get sinx= 1 or sinx= ½
for sinx=1 x= \pi/2 it wil become 00 form which is indeterminate form Hence it is neglected

For sinx=1/2 x= \pi/6 for which base will not be 0 hence it can be accepted
General solution n\pi + (-1)n\pi/6

Hence A is the correct answer

For other questions please post it one by one.

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